Moto G exposure parameters, priced at $215

recently, foreign media exposure of science and technology of the Moto G retail photos. Despite predictions about the mysterious equipment articles is immense, but the reports for the first time clearly gives the Moto G configuration parameters and price.

here are articles are written on the Moto G (a retail card) disclosure of configuration of the Moto G:

4.5 inch screen 720 p resolution;

1.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core processors (previously revealed a great god given Evleaks data 1.5 Ghz qualcomm quad-core Xiao dragon S4 Pro processors).

8 gb storage (Evleaks that Moto G built-in 1 gb RAM).

5000000 megapixel camera;

with Android 4.3 system;

bluetooth 4.0

in addition, the report also pointed out that the Moto G will use the same as Moto X “can be customized” strategy, consumers can choose different colors of front and back cover color, etc.

not only that, the retail card also exposes the Moto G price is about $215 (model), while the previous Evleaks said purchase contracts binding Moto G will be free from operators () in the United States.

it is important to note that the exposure of Moto G carry not Android 4.4 system, the latest but JellyBean. But given the Moto X and Driod series mobile phone (Droid Ultra, Maxx, Mini) users will upgrade to the Android 4.4 system, the future Moto G will soon after its release to upgrade to the Android Kikat.