Mother don’t have to worry about my safety: AT& T launch traceable positioning of children’s intelligence watches

the function of the smart devices is getting stronger and stronger, and use the crowd is becoming more and more younger age. Although the advanced science and technology for “digital era” children to become more personalized, and hear, but it also brings a series of problems.

, some intelligent device developers have noticed this problem. This is not, one of the biggest operators in America AT& T, it announced that it would launch a deal exclusively with parents of smart watches.

it is understood that this equipment is the most outstanding characteristic is called FiLIP with functions of GPS tracking location. In other words, as long as the children put on the watch, parents can keep track of their location. In addition, the special smart watches, for children also have a “white list” call Settings. Parents can add five contacts, to avoid to get the kids to bad information of victimization. Finally, and most important, the parents can also through the related applications, embedded in the FiLIP remote learned information such as the children’s activities.

I wish tech giants could launch a lot like some real development of intelligent device for the children. Xiao yun not against technology companies make money out of the children, but should be “take youdao”.