More than 1520 photos exposure: the company 1080 p resolution, upgrade edition WP8 system, released by the end of September

do you remember? Recently, the foreign technology press TheVerge an avid readers, providing a range of about the the company beast photos.

in addition, the readers were also quite sure that 6 the company 1520 will use qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 quad-core processors, screen resolution for 1080 , 2 gb RAM , storage space, and a SD slot.

it is understood that the company will carry 1520 Microsoft’s latest update WP8 system. In addition to better fit big screen equipment, 8 GDR3, Windows Phone will include a series of improvements on the original system defects. For example, to turn screen lock, driving mode (when connected via bluetooth and driving in the car, can be started automatically mute mode), improved multitasking function, custom system prompt.

here are the readers’ photos exposure:

Xperia, the company 1520, the mini

the company 1520 is Nokia Bandit , is expected to be released at the end of this month ( AT& T ).

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