More rational investment? IBillionaire allows users to track billionaires like Mr Buffett investment path

Beijing time on August 9, according to foreign media reports, a start-up company launched a interesting application iBillionaire, it allows ordinary investors to track and more business tycoons investing activities, so as to make a more sensible, more favorable investment decisions.

this app started in April this year launched the iPhone, a few weeks ago it launched the app, now it has launched online.

create this app startup in New York is dedicated to helping ordinary investors make better investment decisions. Its approach is to track 15 worth billions of dollars of investors’ investment activities, including Warren Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) and Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn). It also allows users to input their portfolios, and compare with the portfolio of these tycoons, to discover the rich guys are doing, and provides the corresponding Suggestions.

“wait, it is how to get these sensitive information? Any more than $100 million in investment activities must submit a report to the securities and exchange commission (SEC), and anyone can access to the content of the report. IBillionaire do is to make these data are more likely to be accessed by people, at the same time provide historical development tendency of large-scale investment activities.

“the billionaire’s investment information can be provided to anyone right now, and is easy to understand, operable way for everyone.” IBillionaire, co-founder of Raul moller’s (Raul Moreno) said, “the stock market now is becoming more and more unrest, forcing investors often need to decide when to buy, sell, or continue to hold. Investors need a tool to help them make more reasonable and better investment decisions.”

iBillionaire also launched a strategic investment tool that can help investors to imitate their favorite billionaire for portfolio investment. This means that the user can in the strategic investment of 75% of the investment to imitate Carl icahn, a 25% investment imitation of warren buffett. Users can also use this portfolio investment strategy comparing with the current investment strategy.

the latest iBillionaire applications also introduced a smart notifications, when billionaires to buy or sell a stock, or when the stock market price higher or lower than usual, it will promptly notify the iBillionaire users.

a free version of this app lets users understand the billionaire’s portfolio and portfolio of their own, and compared to each other.

in addition, iBillionaire user’s strategic investment portfolio can also be integrated use of a billionaire. In addition, they can get up to three stocks of intelligent real-time remind information, and to understand the stock market the most popular of up to 5 stock information.

to remove these constraints, users only need to pay a fee of us $20 $5 a month or a year. Paying customers can obtain a series of additional functions, including billionaire real-time remind information when they buy and sell stocks.

“this information is useful for ordinary investors. On July 23, for example, the billionaire Daniel Loeb (Daniel Loeb) sold for $29.12 the most yahoo shares he holds.” Moller, explained, “clear the cost price of Loeb and exit price, holding the yahoo ordinary investors may consider yourself whether you need to follow up.”

source: tencent technology (author: happy