More about the samsung smart watch fact: life is only 10 hours, lift the wrist open automatically

, today, on Twitter to expose the two screenshots of mobile applications.

we found from the screenshot, Gear can be automatically with mobile phone via bluetooth connection, through this kind of mobile phone applications can manage the smart watch. Gear when a connection is mobile application, appeared such as “Fiad my watch” and “Samsung Apps” option. In addition, the screenshot instructions on the pointed out that the open NFC (approach), the mobile phone and Gear together back to back, can also be for wireless charging.

in the samsung official confirmation in the next month 4, release the Galaxy after Gear, news about Gear configuration has been emerging. The following is a media configuration details:

samsung’s own Exynos 4212 dual-core processor, frequency of 1.5 GHz, Mali – 400 MP4 image processor;

2.5 inch OLED screen resolution of 320 x 320.

10 hours of battery life;

with a camera on the strap, support NFC, bluetooth 4.0;

Android 4.2 system;

built-in accelerometer, can automatically perceive a user action, when the user raised his wrist, Gear will automatically open.