Mobile social: mind her gizzard of heaven

from the micro letter to the letter, to the society, and devoted to stranger, met, etc., currently on the market of mobile social applications reached more than ten models, the competition is fierce between mobile social applications. WeChat micro inspect products to strengthen their position in the field of mobile social (see the “), cool 6 also followed by short launched cool (shorts, cool 6 this is to prick silk route?) Application, many mobile products are more or less likely to have social attribute of product, so may also have a new mobile social market competitors appeared.

mobile social application follows the principle of honeycomb, users through continuous connections, unceasing proliferation, eventually all user comes down to a big beehive above, it is the ideal state of all possible between users through the hive of the transmission. In mobile social applications, the more users, it can form of energy is, the greater the so almost all the mobile social applications for users, for users, and even steal the user. The author in the easy letter say: I want a lot of users!” The article mentioned: in the product homogeneity, users is king, when a few product function under the condition of the same, the more users use, the greater the net is between the user . So-called water boat, can the users under the condition of large, it doesn’t have a negative effect?

mind her gizzard of heaven

the graph is a mobile social applications near one screenshot. Are sold from the above we can see that contains tables, booty call, for booty call, of course, all kinds of male gynecologist, dew chest please add QQ , there are also active with friends, a through will show “mobile , a xx , you know”, and even have the social application own XXX small secretary push “in the history of the sweetest games, download can XXX ” (lack of advertising, even if your company do this will let users hate?) .

mobile social applications large users, to mind her gizzard is a very good opportunity. The so-called mind her gizzard refers to: use social tools, in the midst of social applications in some individual or collective contains fraudulent users. They may be a businessman, may be liars, “goddess”, can also be “gods”, etc., in short, they use social tools purpose is not pure, I put this user defined as mind her gizzard .

domestic mobile applications, micro letter and QQ the most users, reach hundreds of millions of users, the rest of the few users all over millions of mobile applications, as well as some small and medium-sized team including personal production of mobile social applications ranging from thousands to millions of users. “someone where there is a river’s lake, where someone, there is a social”, mobile social networking tools large user groups, to the group of mind strangely out quite a lot of nutrients, they were able to moisturize, expansion, artificially in the group of large user groups for personal interest, here is their heaven .

why they are so rampant?

this group of mind strange why so rampant? Large users, ubiquitous, many people are cheated. Qilu evening news 10 on 10 , version is reported girl micro letter makes friends were tricked into twenty thousand yuan, the legal evening news are 9 on 12 , report on someone “devoted to devoted to” make Grosvenor LTD handsome ladies being duped.

( 1 ) simple registration. Let’s look at the social way of registration, including QQ , land registration, mobile phone number registered, mailboxes, weibo login binding registration, registration, etc., are almost zero threshold for user registration (cumbersome registration way will let the user registrations much lower). Simple registration system, enables users to free registration, such mind her gizzard can easily registered accounts, even a batch registered users.

( 2 ) products against cheating. Anti-cheat ability has been irked by big Internet companies, the ubiquitous mind strange person will use a variety of loopholes to obtain huge profits. Google search was also suffer because of the various black hat techniques, once all the rage the farm game has also been on the market the circulation of various “one key to steal food”, “the small farm assistant” such as the attack. Anti-cheat requires not only on the keyword filtering, also need to filter on image recognition technology to block the user, this is a takes the enterprise a large amount of manpower, material resources, financial resources, was profitable aspects of mobile social applications is not optimistic, plus the anti-cheating technical input, for they would be “worse”!

( 3 ) users “requirements”. Mind her gizzard is commonly used in mobile social trick is: a beautiful figure, a groove (with groove will fire), will be in the introduction to attach a contact directly, not directly will attach a few other words, take the initiative to add someone as a friend. In some mobile social applications can display the number of photo views, thumb up, etc., while her instructions directly revealed that the user is strange mind. But when the user to see the ID under the praise and comment, still can find many users “moth,” stack “pit, towards the pit drill. User embolden the heart of the bizarre, but also allows them to achieve their “value”, the “value”, just need some people will be called.

as to how to broken, restrictions from the registered users, will allow users to drop, this also is not in conformity with the mobile social tool of the social features, nobody made a social product is dead, it is the basis of the user. Mobile social networking tools to break the heart of the bizarre, only to improve their ability of anti cheat here and high-end grade of atmosphere in relation to large data, a product manager can build user database, library information analysis, the heart of the bizarre common method is more account operation, appear in their account or information website is consistent, communication tools not much more special, and tencent’s own QQ can have their own user analysis, it has its own advantages, can put an end to this situation.

broken the second or the user, a lot of mobile social applications have report function, inside have some defects, but the function is the first to report the effect of cannot show that users do not know if there is a effect, own report users to report after the reaction, or to receive the ID junk information, the reporting function is useless. The second report is to ascend the user’s enthusiasm, mind her gizzard in of themselves at the same time, to have the chance to “just need to” users, also gave the chance of other users to see, this process can direct report, its difficulty is how to make the user report form’s enthusiasm, let the user formation of clearing up the rubbish ID habit.

“scourge of a mouse, explode,” mind her gizzard of mobile social applications don’t curse in so many of the users. The author also recommends some users, here have a groove will fire, a groove is pit, product manager should also enhance their own ability to cheat, let the “fly” nowhere to hide, also a piece of pure land mobile social applications.

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