Mobile readers spicy review 】 【 is fake, the heart is not fake

hunting cloud network readers are too rapeseed, a few pen all show strength. “Readers spicy review” column is born to you drop! Select daily cloud network hunting reader comments, come and share your talent.



reader: lily comments:

my cell phone is the boyfriend in college part-time earn money to buy, fake, but his heart is not a fake:)

cloud network hunting: even though we are a technology site, not emotional, but xiao yun can definitely say that lily is necessarily a good girl:)


the za is not aimed at sohu, deal with the current situation, I really don’t like, now the domestic video sites, a than a smelly shameless. Video web site in order to fool advertisers, to the point of copper, as if into each feng, this said, our traffic is high, that said, our brand influence is big, the say we are small and pure and fresh, that said, we will see after 90. Who does not know ah, those data are not your mate, good operation as a content, is king, don’t all day are those moth

hunting cloud network: the IQ test of advertisers!

reader: comment to count on the yy:

are free, then what about the charge? Don’t will develop later, the teacher bidding system? Who pay high, the teacher counseling?

cloud network hunting: education is one hundred, zha was as gaudy as you said?

reader: a lot of comments to

smart entrepreneurs are now no longer emperor dreams, but every day study the layout of the BAT, hope I can from the BAT business areas of interest in the future, and then expect to be purchase or investment.

cloud network hunting: smart person, not detours.

reader: uid comments to
When to change the default search engine to Google, Microsoft and I’ll look forward to, Microsoft really understand the Internet, rather than as it is now also want to kill all the netscape good

cloud network hunting: you said Microsoft to the quick, Microsoft in order to make the Internet has lost billions of dollars.