Mobile phone to sell patent to sell: nokia sold 125 patents

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intellectual property investment and consultancy services, Pendrell announced today, from the hand of the mobile phone maker nokia bought 125 global patents and patent applications. According to the official press release, the purchase portfolio includes a series of basic memory technology electronic equipment.

nokia has stated the 125 patents in the 81 items are necessary to the industry standard, this would certainly make these patents are more valuable.


the global intellectual property patent portfolio is nokia past 15 years development in this field of pioneering glasses, covers SD card flash general flash storage function.

2013 in the value of storage technology in the global market is expected to super dog 120 $, industry analysts expect to 2018 years only SD card market value is as high as 210 $.

nokia has taken the lead in development and improvement of portable and embedded memory technology, this technology is expected to apply to the global more than 400 a brand 6000 a variety of consumer electronics products, including mobile phones, laptops, MP3 player, tablet PC, digital camera, video camera, printer, set-top boxes and other equipment.

Pendrell have created a called Helsinki storage technology of the subsidiary, as for IP class store business acquisition of the new company, and said it would be the more widely in the world by authorized plan to use these technologies.

nokia will receive Pendrell the acquisition of all patent authorization, as well as the Helsini in the future will have to develop new IP class storage technology of authorization. In addition a patent licensing contract involves a combination of a part of the proceeds will be used for investment.

nokia chief intellectual property officer Paul Melin said:

we are pleased to sell the patent to pendrell , nokia past 15 years efforts in this will be a Finnish Helsinki storage technology companies continue to research and develop new technology. We hope Pendrell such a world-class company, through professional intellectual property strategy and licensing can further increase its commercial. To find a meaningful path,

Helsinki storage technology research and development projects will take place in Finland, by Mylly Kimmo leadership. Mylly Kimmo is a technical expert, he once in nokia led its storage technology development projects.