Mobile payment business Fortumo targeting the Chinese developers

abstract: the characteristics of mobile payment business Fortumo is the mobile operators and major global markets, promotion based on operators to pay channels, slogan is hit “consumers” who don’t have a credit card. The company proposed by Fortumo Expand plan to help Chinese developers to open up overseas markets.

mobile payment business Fortumo for Chinese software developers launched its Fortumo Expand the promotion project, designed to provide one-stop service software for overseas market promotion. The project makes full use of the existing Fortumo itself, more than 80 countries, including both Europe and the United States market, operators of the resource, for China’s Android, WP, doing the developer provides the cooperation with operators, it also has the corresponding services such as localization, testing and promotion.

Fortumo Expand can be Fortumo reciprocity. Signed with China’s three major carriers Fortumo operators bill payment agreement, provides a great help for foreign developers to promote the product – buckle phone bill will be able to buy the right application, so simple method obviously reduces the threshold of the consumers to purchase application.

Fortumo lies in foreign development team Rovio, EA, Gameloft, Zeptolab and firm cooperation, without language, culture, business and other aspects of localization support, for Chinese developers, want to take your product internationalization promotion also is extremely difficult.

Fortumo Expand the project director to Martti Mustila, nokia, who was responsible for “Global project developers” (Global Developer designed)

Mustila said. “we hope that we can help China’s developers to do better on the international platform. For Android developer, we will assist its app store, operators in the separate application stores. If the application is well, we will also further promotion activities for the organization.”

Fortumo Expand monetization process with Fortumo other projects – operators will go part of the profit, Fortumo will extract from 2% to 5% commission.

currently Fortumo has carried out cooperation with 30 Chinese software development company, at present cooperation mainly focused on the game field.

add Fortumo Expand developers can choose to enter foreign markets.

Fortumo in Brazil, Russia, Latin America, and southeast Asia particularly hot, most users compared with brush calorie of consumption in these countries tend to be more mobile payment.

in addition to the cooperation of operators in 300 countries provided by fortumo resources, developers can also choose by 23 third-party app store shelves own development work. Choose such a method developer received every month from the market analysis report, to understand their application in which emerging markets will have the best profit potential.

at the same time, Fortumo Expand project developers in the letter will be (Symbio) test platform will enjoy the first application of localization, the welfare of the free testing for free; WP and Windows software will be able to enjoy the free advertising service AdDuplex mobile advertising company.


Foutumo Expand project is introduced: in Chinese, please.