Mobile Internet entrepreneurs do not understand: electronic coupons light oolong play!

(contributing authors: ming-wei sun)

introduction: if you love a person, then ask him to do a coupon, because there is a golden hill; If you hate a person, also call him to do coupons, because there is a fire.

coupons incarnations

the English translation of coupons is coupons , advertising and marketing world a lot of people think that coupons 20 s 20 s the United States of the advertiser Claude Hopkins. Coupons to the domestic, have been businesses use the art. This article, mainly want to talk to you about the electronic coupons in the development of mobile Internet era background.

when it comes to electronic coupon, we can’t bypass d complex yi-bin zhang founder of the city. If cloud Hopkins is a traditional coupon (coupons) , the inventor of the yi-bin zhang is the enlightenment of China’s electronic coupon industry. But he 2006 established dimensional complex city launch machine to play coupon created the China electronic coupon industry precedent. If there is no attempt to d complex city at the beginning, perhaps is impossible to have many followers, later and like pudding, tintin coupons based on mobile Internet innovators.

machine play the birth of the coupon

2006 year, yi-bin zhang established the dimensional complex in Shanghai city. Its business model is in crowded places such as shopping malls, subway station coupon printer was laid. The customer is given priority to with fast food chains. Companies pay a monthly fee, d city would be in the corresponding merchant coupons on the machine. Click the business button, coupons printed automatically. Members can take coupons to nearby stores consumption. This pattern is similar to traditional advertising, but more targeted, and easy to master the launch and use effect. By the end of the 2011 at the end of the year, d complex number of users in the city of more than 700 (source: commercial value).

however variables in 2010 years, with the outbreak of the mobile Internet appeared.

the rise of electronic coupons

tintin coupon

2010 at the end of the year, to map business started Shanghai tintin network set up mobile division, specializing mobile coupons business, it seems, coupons this business is local living before tintin network service business is more likely to receive beautiful figures. Tintin preferential APP published a year downloads 900 (source: commercial value).

almost at the same time, innovation works’s first O2O project pudding mobile also formal mount, has yet to be released, including pudding ticket coupons, pudding, many APP , pudding tone&justo said overall users than 1500 (source: commercial value). By the users, their momentum than a d complex city has rapidly expanded a lot.

however, tintin and pudding haven’t had time to cheer for their users through millions of situation and had the new change, micro letter. Since the 2012 , 9 month ma in mobile Internet conference, qr code called cable on line entrance, everyone is aware of and coupons in the red sea and killed in a big crocodile. At the coupons for earlier killing players, the letter is that it is the most terrible place merchants and user can set up a direct communication platform, make preferential information around other distribution platform barrier-free flow between them, this is undoubtedly to short-circuit off them!

if you don’t have the outbreak of the mobile Internet, d complex city may live very moist. On merchant’s advertising and membership fees, make beautiful revenue report: no problem. And the emergence of many electronic coupons competitors based on mobile Internet, then beat d complex city such as machine coupons mode into a dilemma of the dilemma. Even though these electronic coupons applications are also in trouble for their own model and profit.

after the passion of thinking

from 2007 in the capital market of the d winding machine, such as city play coupon patterns, or 2010 in a lot of investment, this into the electronic coupons mobile applications, the development of the electronic coupons on consumers and businesses to bring the real benefit and efficiency at the same time, due to the excessive enthusiasm capital, has also made many companies took to the blind optimism, regardless of the cost of the expansion of no return.

With the

2013 in the capital market the coming of winter, many enterprises because of capital chain rupture and collapse. Only a few is against the financing in the past. Business model and profit outlook seems far from. Kai-fu lee’s innovation works investment first O2O project pudding mobile tone&justo said in a public speech to: industry present situation is all see Jin Shanzai the distance, and between you and the mountain is a swamp.

if the machine there are a lot of attractive to coupons money advantage, many electronic coupon application, based on the mobile side is claims the melon, puff, losing money.

big electronic coupons players oolong

look at first based on the mobile end advantages and disadvantages of electronic coupon application:

advantage: no hardware and venue cost, low operating costs relatively low, complied with the trend of mobile Internet popularization

disadvantage: merchants recognition is not high, online promotion cost is high, the coupons validation (authentication and logout) closed-loop bad solution

electronic coupon belongs to typical O2O model. O2O (or electronic coupons) is critical to the success of the business or customer resources must master one. Most electronic coupon application is neither grasp business resources, more do not have customer resources. In electronic coupons verification, there is a point of contradiction is always widely shop equipment, for the enterprise is a huge cost, no shop equipment, closed loop to solve. A lot of chain stores and very exclusive put verification equipment, because they think it will reduce the front desk cashier and service efficiency. Users the most real, the more you have of the dealer coupons, the more users to download your application; Whereas the user natural is not welcome.

shop equipment requires a lot of investment, the merchant’s negative corresponding electronic coupons don’t match, the user is not used to boast, exalted skyer, optimism, this in itself is not a big goal? And set up the goal is not others, is a lot of coupons.