Mobile IM into new players: suning will push cloud power O2O letter

in mobile IM market, WeChat the dominance of also let many giant saw these hidden danger and opportunity. For this, netease, ali successively into, the latest is full to the transformation of the Internet and suning.

in yesterday’s O2O shopping festival briefings, Su Ningyi purchase, executive vice President li bin said on November 8, activities prior to the start of the launch of independent research and development of social tools – suning “cloud” letter, and two-way power to promote the role of the shopping festival.

li bin, cloud support letter text messaging, voice, group chat, subject participation, share a series of functions such as weibo, can meet the suning, real-time communication and interaction between merchants and users. However, because the product has not yet officially launched, he didn’t specify is introduced and the difference between the market competing goods and disadvantages.

but the message display, cloud letter seems to be a “fast life”. Formally opened to the appearance of the project is by the institute of su ning in silicon valley, from products from r&d to launch of version 1.0, only when more than 1 months.

it is known that su ning “cloud” letter will soon open for socialization. In addition, suning will and strategic cooperation letter, give su ning yi letter to the new registered users “cloud coupons, and real-time delivery suning are conducting favourable activity.

since last year, suning has open comprehensive transformation, the purpose is to adapt to the Internet type of operation train of thought, and from the “entrance layout, open platform, the optimization experience, cultural innovation”, etc to re-engineer to the company. From this point of view, cloud letter is also in the competition for entrance.

recently, ali group is also pushing the independent social products, and feel the crisis of Mr. Ma and Mr. Lu even personally offensive to promote products.