Mobile “give up” flying in about two years less than 3 million users

author: Eric kwok

fly to chat, one of the important products in the China mobile’s mobile Internet strategy, after nearly two years of development facing the fate of the abandoned.

yesterday in the evening, fly to chat users receive a text message from China mobile official notice, said affected by business change, since July 10, 2013, flew to chat will not be able to send and receive information “flying letter”, if you want to continue to contact fetion buddies, please download the latest fetion client.

appearance As is normal business change remind, actually means that the mobile ready to give up fly. According to tecent science and technology from mobile insider, due to the poor fly about development of the business change is sentenced to fly to chat “death sentence”. On July 10, China mobile will cease to fly about products of all inputs, including next-generation version of the product development, and all the publicity, etc. Fly about product form will still exist, but the official new maintenance we won’t have any more in the future.

to tencent technology, according to people familiar with the fly about development up to now, the user for nearly two years less than 3 million, which is directly fly to chat be “abandoned”. Currently, fly about products, operations team have been successively disbanded, fly about the follow-up maintenance will stop in succession from 10 later this month.

public information, on September 28, 2011, in the mobile instant messaging products fly to chat, chat fly is on the basis of fetion, can realize cross-platform free text messaging, voice, images and other multimedia information, is the most powerful fetion assistant. May each friend relationship between two products, message transfers between each other. From product function is similar to fly to chat with micro letter.

at that time, China mobile has realised that if let the traditional Internet business rapid expansion in the field of instant messaging and formed the scale, will lead to SMS business operators are a large number of shunt, customer loyalty and switch to the mobile Internet enterprise by the operator. Rather than being eroded, active attack, this is the purpose of the mobile launch fly in to chat.

fly to chat early in the inside of the mobile position is very important, the product directly by the mobile group data of a dominant, entrust the shenzhou Thai YueKaiFa, but directly under its control not only in the data, research and development process but also by China mobile high-level personally urged that flew about the movement in the market promote the speed of the fastest in all mobile Internet products.

although China mobile’s looking forward to fly to chat, but the feedback information from the outside world, many in the industry for its market prospects do not look good. , these people said fly to chat at that time, has missed the best time to market, coupled with the impact of competition from micro letter and other related products, living space is very narrow.

operator why IM repeatedly war and defeated

fly about why isn’t it? Industry analysts believe that China mobile has congenital deficiency in the competitiveness of business innovation. “Vested interests are inherently inhibit innovation gene, also not in mobile, its large and strict internal management mechanism is to kill innovation gene deadly weapons.”

mobile operators in gene determines it doesn’t completely open like Internet companies. Flew from fetion to chat and mobile plays more like a manager role, just given goals and objectives, but never participate in product design, planning, etc., these generally refer to shenzhou tai yue full, compared with Internet companies treat products like treat their own flesh and blood, every detail should not be ignored. Secondly, from the product promotion to the operation, Internet will play a crucial role to the success of the product, inherent in the traditional thinking that telecom operators can’t do it.

on IM, not only have a mobile fly in chat and operators before launched a lot of related products, such as telecom and unicom WoYou wing chat, in the development of the latter two are on thin ice. For telecom operators, if attempted to rob back into the market, by new IM should first focus on the location problem of IM products for enterprise system. The innovator’s dilemma “is pointed out that in the so-called perfect management can sometimes become the burden of innovation, operators open to send IM fully illustrates this point.

operator management mode is not rigorous, inherited the old post management culture characteristics, makes the telecom operators in the pursuit of service on the basis of internal reporting process is complex, and IM products always not operator’s core business, so in terms of user experience and internal resources integration has always been disappointing. View WeChat, far away from shenzhen headquarters in guangzhou development way, its product positioning low-key, but located in the entrance of the mobile Internet. This fully demonstrated the innovator’s dilemma “in the point of view, operators should develop good IM, and will handle the IM development team and the operator the relationship between the core business team.

in fact, even if operators IM development success, also have to face the impact of traditional business may own IM applications, side acting, disrupting over there is an embarrassing situation.

source: tencent technology