Mobile game looks beautiful, life cycle is too short

the author: Lois

Internet use habits virtually shorten the life cycle of a lot of things. People will quickly from a novelty to another more fresh topic. The scene is especially suitable for the consumption of mobile gaming experience.

mobile game is the most proud of in the app store, they are often app store downloads and highest income is the highest type of application. But the use of each user for game application cycle count, may be far shorter than the other types of products.

DrawSomething to user’s appeal to the public may be no more than six weeks, Dots of heat only lasted for a month, then the Candy Crush Saga? If a user insist on playing for four weeks, may his next enthusiasm is not so high. This is the fate of the mobile phone games. They are large compared to the PC game or some hardcore nature of the whole platform, it is often difficult to obtain customer loyalty for a long time.

tencent recently do a little research on the mobile end of science and technology, Internet users in response to indulge what game, vote in polls of the nearly 9000 people, 21% chose blizzard launched large-scale online shooting game “call of duty”, 17% chose “evil spirit beastly world”, while only 11% of people choose to hold a temporary “angry birds”. If you count up the obsession with time, perhaps the competitiveness of the birds will be weaker.

the Atlantic unscramble wrote about this phenomenon, which is formed by the popular mobile game short-term attention and closely related to the design of the game. These casual games can quickly grab the public’s attention, because these games very low entry barriers. By adopting some users or simple mechanism known as the interactive way, they can quickly enter the game in the world.

play developer Blue Key Red Key to explain the thinking of design mobile phone games, the game should make people feel like the real world is mutually. Both angry birds and cut the rope and fruit ninja, operating mode of the game on the screen and the real world people to contact these things instinct and logic are the same. When the game’s strangeness is extremely low, the acceptance of the user is higher. And they are willing to, in the spare time to spend time with gadgets.

it is such a mechanism can keep the cell phone game is also more likely to become boring. Because the user does not need to invest too much energy, they might be unconscious just slide your finger. Soon, the player will be fed up this game. Perhaps, at first you want to score high on, get more close, but the satisfaction of game don’t strong, players will quickly die.

game developers have noticed this, so they tend to be in the game into multiple game mechanism, such as Candy Crush Saga. In this game, each level of the recruit way is different, in the long road map, set the targets for the player. But even so, due to the nature of the game or eliminated, people will eventually gradually felt boring.

this is the problem, may explain why social games such as company also wants to hardcore game development, and even these games on the PC or console operation equipment.

so, when you take a fancy to the mobile phone games the market full of temptation, please think of all the extremely easy to change heart or will be faced with the user. When they left you, what should you do?