Mobile dating software “friends and” : dig prick silk group requirements

introduction: tencent by WeChat again to control the mobile IM, current and highly homogenized WeChat Momo, KK have fewer opportunities to find friends and other applications, we should look and see if there’s a better mobile IM niche markets, as well as the success of li3 xue2 ling2 YY, prick silk group is a gold mine that cannot be ignored.



mobile dating software “friends”

the mobile Internet has compared to the PC and cool dazzle user experience, and could in a personal service oriented products produced huge niche market.

at home, mobile dating software highly homogenized, and in the past year, due to the huge success WeChat, lead to other similar software frequently be bearish market. And, by contrast, whether it is the most fire Bang With Friends, or firm, SnapChat is a lot of imagination and the application of competitive differentiation.

there are domestic called “friends and” the mobile terminal of the social product, copy the foreign firm with Skout mode, and from 9158, YY, and other products of localized landing mode, make the precision farming and dig prick silk requirements of product.

friends and published in 2011, despite his fame in the first-tier cities are very few, but was a great success in three or four line area. Were it not for investment banking friends, I didn’t know there is an app, friend to add users at the end of 2012 reached scale, completed A round of $8 million in financing.

【 erotic dating from abroad about 】

perhaps we on Facebook Home, Whatsapp, Kik is familiar, but few people know that a simple model of firm mobile application, the application in the global market share at the top five, valued at more than $two billion.

a recent a clear profit model, a simple business process, and can meet the strong demand for “looking for a playmate”. If you lie on the sofa today suddenly want to get together to play tennis, but couldn’t find a convenient playmates, you can open the firm to submit “near like playing tennis, automatically broadcast to a kilometers around the user.

have the same demand of users will contact with you, their way of profit is also very simple, as Google invented bidding mechanism, you only need to pay $1.99 can let you of the information is more and more people see, in a higher position.

when you are looking for a man to play tennis, inner hope that a person is a hot girl, if you like you is a muscle strong man, you probably would have interest. And Skout is also a similar application, if the firm to do is to let people on both sides of the strong demand structural docking, Skout is more “exotic”, or pay more attention to the application of “flirt”.

and the achievements are the two basic needs of human beings, and Skout the flirting, beauty radio and gifts that male users not only can easily see shapely beauty, more can feel achievement by the way of “flaunt wealth”.

but when it comes to “gifts”, most people already know that this is the best means of profit.

【 failed to sell and focusing of making a fortune 】

as early as 2001, QQ is very popular for some time, “a netizen wife” – in most cases, sex is the breakthrough point of the social, too many products want to copy the path of the QQ: strange friends, first select some users are sticky, then let them import acquaintance relationship chain.

“devoted to such is devoted to an application, but the message is devoted to not understand things, people need only a dating” acquaintances “software is enough, when the stranger stranger in strange dating, a promising industry. But when Momo decided to import the mobile phone address book, its location is increasingly blurred.” – mobile Internet product designers, iDoNews netizen peak (a pseudonym) told me.

stranger stranger not hadn’t thought of this, who is going to do with giant almost the same products? But the problem is that the previous Momo product model, the female users not only the feeling that have not been popular, but the different levels of harassment, lead to huge loss of female users, not beauty, natural male users, they are gone.

in the strange friendship patterns, parallel relationship with users, should adopt a “hierarchy and privilege” user relationship, and YY and friends is very good deal with the problem, male users need to look up at 45 degrees women, women have a high above the feeling. Disappointments in life of female prick silk are found here of the feeling of the goddess, so users can cater to more men.

YY is a grade IM application is successful, success and QQ with the application of differentiation, for the application of this scale effect is IM without hundreds of millions of users, there is no profit, but li3 xue2 ling2 YY is successful, because they not only provide information exchange service, provide more “experience”, and by insight “prick silk economy” won the high income.

prick silk economic believe in simple and direct, an elder in “don’t have a computer and a group of” boring “life environment, if there is app to give to their long-term depression for the moment the spiritual life of light entertainment or transient” ecstasy “, even if have to pay, also not resist them experience the excitement of YY of at least 70% profit to prove it.

the achievements of virtualization system is a key to the success of YY, and friends to add to copy it, for the middle class, they do not need to find yourself in a virtual space, but for China’s huge low-income class, confused unable to achieve success in life, and gameplay of the virtual objects, virtual currency and charisma can be projected a sense of achievement in their heart.

virtual rating is a mature product model, can effectively stimulate user engagement, viscosity, virtualization products, is one of the most mature profit model. Grasp the prick silk users will be projected on the psychological needs of the virtual world of the main line, the core is the soul of the product.

although high earners have higher ability to pay, but want to ask when they pay, they will quickly use advanced search skills to find alternatives.



the proportion of China’s 400 million mobile Internet users using social networking applications (analysys net)

【 lighter than YY is closer than Momo 】

when Momo also agreed to stay online, offline booty call groping in the dark, and seems to be more let a person can see the hope. Friends in early operation from 2011 to now, always aim at the bull ‘s-eye of users, the whole users reached 15 million, active users, more than 1.5 million people, each paying customers average income in 200 yuan/month.

from the point of user interaction mode, Momo more like one-on-one PK princess and prince friends add PK goddess is like a pair of more prick silk, about gun knows that booty call difficult, difficult to move on. But the prick silk onlookers flirting the difficulty of a goddess, is greatly reduced to zero.

YY can now watch live video via mobile end, at the same time, strengthened the interaction of audio and video applications. The mobile phone into the production end of the content, rather than consumption. Obviously, this is the function of the PC, transferred to the mobile terminal, the pace is some heavy.

in a word, compared with YY, friends to add more light; Compared with the stranger stranger, friends and closer to the goddess.

【 and risk coexist 】

although market looks nice, but I’m friends with this software, will continue to face an important question: in the mobile terminal can form the PC immersed degree?

user pays applications often require user highly immersed in it, and give full play to the user of the emotion, make its have to prepaid phone express desire of consumption, and mobile terminal is difficult to form a high degree of immersion.

immersed in terms of degree of decomposition, is high clearly the figure, the mobile phone is not fully release high definition video, teaser video, even it is difficult to quickly read text. The author tried to enter the friend add show, messy text flow and gift, let I had to quit.

“the future of the grassroots”

the PC sunset are falling, QQ space, Internet products such as everyone has gradually away from the line of sight, grassroots users are not focused on the expression of desire is a huge demand of society and sound, they are on a mobile device fragments to spend time and content of their entertainment, the expression of life demand desire are met, friends and route whether can carry this huge grass-roots people express also needs the test of time.

the success of the product requires not only vision and execution, also need luck, friends with this product will not necessarily succeed, but the dream silk in China will be a gold mine, a decade ago when prick silk profit is popular we will think it is periodic, when ringing in the YY listed, we should know that prick silk is right.

the market for at least a level of billions of dollars of enterprises comes into being. May be friends, also may be in the basement is still unknown today a small team entrepreneurship.