Mobile application platform, not a “dream”

author: Wang Zhewei

this is not I a person to say, all the “dream” in the mobile Internet, but haven’t “dream” may be used to do.

as problem can see, this article is to argue in the science and technology media yesterday saw the WeChat, less do platform daydream “.

science and technology media is one of the benefits you can see all kinds of “sleep”, here some readily available, have a plenty of fantasy, and is the second, but it is a lot of people chasing things, take time to delve into the discussion atmosphere, the result of the very important, especially when the reality some bad, need you to searching method.

the mobile Internet industry in China now is at this point in time, calm frenzy after two years, most people are not satisfied. As social form, the ideal pattern of the mobile Internet should be “olive type”. Obviously, is still a far cry from what the current domestic forms from this – in the long run it benefits no one, including top those so-called make bosses.

so industry rule this “invisible hand” will be held out, poked at the head of each decision maker, the individual behavior of the unintentional result (bosses want to earn more, entrepreneurs want to more efficient the ground), a kind of order can produce good fruit. No matter you recognize not approved, this is the law.

in the mobile Internet, forces the common trends after balance, is based on the open platform of the App. Need to stress is that the first is a bottleneck in the entire industry rapid development after (Matthew effect strengthen, ordinary App to the real arrival rate and utilization rate, etc.), to explore solutions as a result of natural selection, rather than a unilateral forced into. Trend, elaboration to the products, technical solutions, in the long run will not be a problem.

“WeChat, do less platform daydreaming” mentioned in the article the App platform, we are old, these early in the mobile Internet, even back to the PC era has always been a problem, said people right, the one who is second. But for a specific thing can be done, or should pose more reliable argument, rather than blindly down the shore.

in view of the questions in this paper, the author, in this response (bold) for it.

1. on mobile Internet platform, the core reason is that fragmentation, for users, is also online, using state of the PC and mobile phone use completely different, the same software, in the use of depth and depend on the extent, mobile phones are much shallower than PCS.

a major characteristics of the mobile Internet, PC is no longer as the core equipment of access to the Internet. Mentioned above, the author of “mobile phone than PC shallow depth and dependence” point of view, is already a few years ago. Iresearch consulting is just a set of data recently, PC usage is 2.77 times per day per person, per capita effective use of time was 11.13 minutes per day, in contrast, the mobile phone and tablet of the two sets of data are respectively 21.37 times, 41.6 and 10.33 times and 10.33 minutes. Use the depth and the gap dependence, be clear at a glance.

the implementation of the specific software, the authors say the letter is to the importance of mobile phones, less QQ is to the importance of the PC, because the function of the micro letter can be contacts, SMS instead of – this logic of bandits burned in that you are not on the other hand now?

“attractive to the user’s browser as small screen so decline” argument is old, small screen is the characteristic of mobile Internet rather than shortcomings, each kind of medium carrier has its own characteristics, suitable for the application of the scenario and the contents are decided by these characteristics. Therefore, as long as the browser making targeted the design and optimization of substance, the advantage of portable add more highlights the interaction of the content itself, the user is less interference, improved experience, make with less viscosity to talk?

in the above iresearch that report, in May 2013, WeChat and UC browser in the number of average daily cover, respectively ranked the first and third, hundreds of thousands of App flow concentration is very high, the precondition of platform have completely.

2. tools applied blindly platform is very dangerous, you still want to meet the user’s first some core demands, can be a communication, can be a entertainment, after meet core demands of users, the corresponding function perfectly, don’t become more and more bloated.

this view, the core point is that the game between the user requirements, experience and habits. Products, especially mobile phone App become bloated indeed is not a good thing, deviated from the user’s habits, has affected the experience and satisfaction, but does not mean that platform is the process of getting bloated.

apple pioneered the “ecological” App in the early set up such a user consciousness, namely each App is a function, line on the surface of the table, simple is not bloated. But the problem is for users, this kind of “not bloated feeling” only from a single product itself – once the “simple” is filled with the desktop App, and considering the flow path to download each App (search, click lost password, wait) and not pop up when upgrade hint, you know what is the oppressive feeling.

when implementing a user demand, when a link experience problems, if we can have a better solution, then the user habit can be changed, even if it is a very strong habit.

App platform is a result of natural selection. Solve the contradictions of the core is the user got to high cost and upgrade – for most of the services (such as video and Banks, such as heavy game experience of the application doesn’t count), the user doesn’t require relatively large energy to maintain an App, can use more lightweight form, such as micro letter public account, as well as the latest UC of UC in the open platform browsing, combination of plug-ins.

for users, several high-frequency App a heap of lightweight service (plug-in or Web) to use and maintain pressure, far less than the full screen of the App, habit can slowly through the education training, but the momentum is certainly moving in the right direction.

of course, even in the form of open the custom, the App in the process of platform, also need to pay attention to interaction design and function to add the rationality of the time. Platform to the left, bloated, to the right to decide whether to the fundamental factor is the process of platform from the product master gene, the target user group of peripheral services, needs to solve and surrounding needs of form a complete set of core requirements. Otherwise, the pile is meaningless function. For example, the ink weather to join “fashion advice” function is reasonable; But if the channel to join the game, that is “fat”. This is why more private WeChat, main function in the process of the platform so cautious.

and from the point of view of the developers, they concerned about most is the availability of more users. In the App Store model almost completely “brush list first” became the background, the platform’s App, or super App can be another valuable distribution channels, and is a key factor of their partnership – at least from the current feedback, some entrepreneurs in high frequency, large users super App to promote this kind of form, it is worth a try: attractions tickets on sale this App, see how the name is not use special frequent application type, after detail and UC platform, cut in more than 8% of the orders from WeChat, and plug-in activation quantity of UC App also exceeded its own development.

it says so much, really want to emphasize a core idea or one: no matter from the Angle of users and developers, App platform are industry under the laws of a kind of natural selection as a result, although there are a lot of the problem to be solved, but in the long term trends, is accord with the characteristics of China’s mobile Internet industry.

the last reference feng jincai: say one thing, the best position is standing on the threshold, one foot, one foot in the outside. Is daydreaming, need to change a perspective.