Missed out on the Internet, gates and ballmer missed the smartphone

news Beijing standard time on September 20th morning, is about to quit Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) with analysts today the curtain call of the party, said he was missing in the Microsoft’s biggest regret phone, saying that this mistake has hurt the Windows business.

he said: “if you ask me in Microsoft what a pity, I want to say is that we are too focused on Windows before, during, and after 2000, the business and missed a great opportunity for mobile phone, this is my most regret thing. During that time we all energy on the Windows Vista operating system, if we were a little bit allocation of resources to mobile phones, the situation will be very different today.”

two leaders across the Microsoft, if Bill Gates (Bill Gates) missed out on the Internet, so Mr Ballmer undoubtedly missed the phone. As for Mr Ballmer in the outgoing as to publicly acknowledge the mistake and will be responsibility to yourself, is the unexpected surprised many people. Most ironically, Microsoft’s miss phone that time developed the Vista of failure turned out to be the most versions of Windows.

this is not the first time that Mr Ballmer reflection of Microsoft in the mobile market failures. Earlier today, he also said that Microsoft’s share of the mobile market “almost zero”. In addition, he also confessed as a realist, he to the weakness of the Microsoft in the field of consumer electronic equipment is very clear. Ballmer conversation is the result of the novel, in the industry. But as a stubborn and conservative CEO, can at the same time come out publicly error, really let people find everything new and fresh.

Steve ballmer of Microsoft in the mobile Phone market share and status has been there is a clear understanding of his most famous sentence is that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform share “from small to smaller”. Today’s continuing his consistent cognition.

as in Microsoft last analyst conference, Mr. Ballmer’s performance can be used “honest” and “heart” to describe. This is he in the name of Microsoft in the last few matches one of the “show”, he did not control themselves, outside the honest mistakes, he also with his inherent “mouth” style to the amazon (312.06, 0.03, 0.01%) of profit is not enough, and South Korea crappy accounting rules.

as a final summary, ballmer again at the meeting talked about his management philosophy: “the ultimate measure must be linked to profit, this is any company should follow the principle of.”

source: sina science and technology