Minister of the ministry: WeChat may have a fee, but not significantly

caixin reported that the ministry of industry and information technology minister MiaoWei yesterday at the second session of the “BBS” guangdong said that micro letter may charge, but not much. Miit is coordinating operator WeChat charge, they would consider reasonable requirements for operators.

MiaoWei, said ministry of forbidden operators use monopoly containing micro letter and other value-added services. At present the ministry has asked the operator to submit corresponding solutions. He said, and regulators overall will stand in the user’s point of view, WeChat may have a fee, but not significantly.

MiaoWei told caixin, operators charge request has the certain rationality, “(communication operators) I maintain such a large network, investment and operation, in addition to flow rate should also have these aspects of charges, this is also reasonable. But never has a monopoly of this status, stuck like tencent is a very good enterprise.”