Millet, vice President of nu: strip to let you see also not line?

recently, millet is troublesome, negative news, millet mobile phone open after purchase, there are still a large number of users reaction cannot buy success. The parties to the media for millet wave upon wave of hunger marketing questions. Li Wanjiang millet vice President, said will be open to the media and the user millet production line, to show “clarification”.

for the interpretation of the millet production capacity is insufficient, the personage inside course of study points out, why millet “squeezing” hungry marketing can supply “tried”? Actually “insufficient capacity” is just “pretext”, mobile phone manufacturing in China are already has a mature industry chain and the production line. Capacity is actually a millet could not find enough, enough low-cost components. Want to profit, millet will have to wait for the components price to lower mass production, thinking this is millet mobile phone earnings.

a net friend in netease news choreographed millet, discontent

the question of the outside world, millet also started a fight. Vice President of millet Li Wanjiang, said publicly in weibo to open to the media and users millet production line:

I’m sorry! To open to buy again today didn’t get the friend, sincerely say sorry. Some question whether we deliberately hunger marketing, sales queuing rules unfair, or even a competitor with to malicious hype… Millet and user will start media Open Day recently, let everybody have a look at our foxconn and envada full capacity production line, including the research and development a line together witness our open to buy hot and authenticity!