Millet TV crazy and reality

in the past two months, smart TV industry is blustery, various new patterns emerge in endlessly, let a person. This hunting cloud network will then “, “the high public concern with millet TV products to spy on smart TV of heaven and earth.

a cloud network when it comes to hunting millet on television with 600 Xiao dragon chip to reduce system optimization, the difficulty of the application of adaptation, to reduce the millet video game mall promotion. But it actually there will be a lot of problem, the following hunting cloud network are analyzed one by one for everyone:

millet TV whether users can do to the order of magnitude larger, thus to drive the application of active migration effect?

millet users are the half of the Internet enthusiasts, young consumer groups, all electric smart TV such a family, even if to price won the family agreed, but hunger marketing is millet, I’m afraid I will also do not up, half a how can persuade application developers launched adapted TV version of the app? Loyalty and about small rice vermicelli, someone will be afraid of millet fans are all ratio of powder, not as good as apple, meizu’s diehard powder, at most, only buy a box, no TV. Especially the smart TV various aspects is not yet mature, consumer attitudes towards smart TV more conservative, will further dent millet TV’s prospects.

the first: about fans, millet also has a lot of diehard powder, quantity may be not as good as the meizu, millet just the target population of broad, let a person is not easy to find. (and, in turn, can be done with the meizu disproof: meizu fans can start Smartbar, can make many app to adaptation. With the millet fans activity, as well as strong marketing ability, and prepared to buy TV intention of users. It is enough to start.)

the second: the price of TV of millet is low enough, compared with other smart TV, smart TV also has a great price advantage. Cost-effective enough to attract a large number of users.

the third: millet TV besides CPU configuration in fever, other hardware are not a fever, and use the samsung and LG two screens. Millet television on the supply chain do sufficient preparation, believe that as long as the quality is stable, cost down right wait for millet TV, shop goods won’t be a problem.

how to attract high-quality applications?

to attract high-quality application resources, it is important to be smart TV do big operating system, the formation of a strong platform. In this regard, in order to attract high quality application, millet is trying to draw a bigger cake for application development enterprise, make more prospects.

with the millet box in the early market share, has the certain user scale and the foundation of beautiful MIUI far ahead on the smart TV market share. Can form a high-end users to millet millet TV box based user level extension of imaginary space.

beautiful MIUI meters currency system has been relatively mature, earnings have security. Millet TV users will focus on a large number of high-quality enthusiasts, the application fee will not be a problem.

millet user activity is very high, the domestic third. And the ratio of users is twice higher than samsung. Such a high quality of a company of is applications.

millet beautiful MIUI after more than three years of development, has accumulated a lot of resources. And the use of millet mobile phone distribution advantage for application development of the adaptation of the enterprise, is also extremely advantage.

screen more interactive games and application experience, is a unique experience. For example, the new online games can do different tasks on different devices. This will have a lot of application developers.

how to decode the video resources problem?

smart TV TV, browsing is an important function of video resources. And now it is well known millet TV video resources too scarce, how to break? Have other big Internet companies are also high quality video resources do smart TV, and millet are competitive relationship, won’t put resources in millet TV platform, how to break?

first of all, the other with large video resources of Internet companies do not necessarily will not put their resources on millet TV platform! Because smart TV is all about screen more interactive. If beautiful MIUI TV version of the operating system users is big enough, the quality good enough users, other Internet company how can pass such an excellent platform?

if you have a TV platform supports the millet, other companies will support immediately. Inconvenience, because of the smart TV control much more dependent on screen interactive, if on computers and other intelligent devices, his client resources can not be easily imported television, his product in other clients also want to become endangered. This is the platform effect.

as a result, the operating system to be more perfect, high quality applications, resource problem is solved, imagination was mad about millet:

while the television is still in the embryonic state of the operating system market, quickly determine the beautiful MIUI dominance in the smart TV market, give beautiful MIUI add function at the bottom of the root system, is likely to destroy other factions in the near future every smart TV operating system. Even if all goes well, we can imagine, millet may put on a counter attack story to other equipment, from TV to make a fully closed, independent beautiful MIUI.

so nice dream. This is in the early years of the smart TV puts forward some ideas. Want to accomplish such a counter attack and millet, the competition and unexpected difficulties. But the other relative millet, smart TV operating system users and the quality of the user and the ecological system in all aspects are far less millet, millet beautiful MIUI version of smart TV operating system, really want to do big is a potential shares.

but actually even if smart TV version of the beautiful MIUI do big, and don’t be surprised if other companies. This is a story of predecessors trees descendants cool, after all, smart TV version of the beautiful MIUI is based on the android development. Since these application resources already adapted the millet TV, adapted to the other based on the development of the android intelligent TV what operating system is not difficult. Other manufacturers also omitted to woo application developers everywhere killer application problems. Millet if can be a success, is in some ways will be benefit the whole smart TV industry big good, why not?

in a sense, smart TV industry need everyone to work together to make a perfect platform, scale, thus to attract high-quality application resources. But the reality of industry is complicated, because each manufacturer each bosom worry, cooperation platform in optimization and upgrading and development difficult to flexible. So, the option or to the market, integration of free competition!

in addition, the present stage millet in the field of smart TV’s advantages are not too big, other manufacturers catch up also not impossible. Contrast smartphone operating system, the history of open source, root, flash and other means can also be transferred to the smart TV up a big comeback. This also gives millet television and the future of the box to add more unknowns. But regardless of the success of this time millet TV ecological, millet TV, which has been reported with posture, marketing and publicity it goes without saying that it is already very successful.

on television in millet crazy imagination, so potential is unlimited, it is not only millet, can also from other manufacturers. When it comes to reality, the next step how to move forward? Many competition and difficulties, millet and other manufacturers comprehensive resources, how to strike quickly!

clean, who has a chance to!