Millet to what are the obstacles on the road “miracle”

in hunting cloud network released on September 9, “”, this article continuity, millet in areas such as smart phones, operating system and smart TV facing the advantages and disadvantages of competitors to do an analysis.

smart phones

according to the independent research firm Canalys data, in the second quarter of 2013, China’s smartphone shipments of 88.1 million units. According to shipments in the top seven manufacturers followed by samsung, lenovo (10.8 million) (15.5 million), cool (10.7 million), zte, huawei (7.5 million) (7.7 million), millet (4.4 million), apple (4.3 million). Although shipments for the first time in the second quarter of 2013 millet apple, but considering the different price range and brand positioning, millet on the way forward is facing more and more shipments of the top five manufacturers, samsung, lenovo and huawei, in particular, there are like meizu, a backgammon vivo, such as large coke hot pursuit the rising star.

1, Samsung, Samsung

as the smartphone market today, in the second quarter of 2013 samsung global shipments of 75.6 million units, is the second ranked apple shipments (31.2 million) more than doubled. Samsung’s success is the result of a strong supply chain management and control, continued investment in technology research and development, a complete coverage of high school low-grade product strategy, and global marketing campaign. Samsung is the path of millet in the smartphone the first obstacle.

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2, Lenovo

although lenovo is not the first entrants in the field of smart phones, but that has accumulated in the PC era of supply chain, channel and brand awareness, in just a few years of lenovo smartphone business has become China’s second, the third in the world, and development in emerging markets such as India and Russia are strong. Whether PC or smartphone, lenovo are rapidly expanding market scale at a low price strategy, and then to the scale benefit. Latest news, lenovo may purchase the blackberry. Lenovo is millet in the smartphone road second only in the way.

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3, Huawei Huawei

the huawei started with production and sales of telecommunications equipment in the world 500 strong enterprises, in 2010 started to develop the terminal business, huawei through and occupy the market operators, the early middle huawei actively explore new offline (huawei experience stores) and online (huawei’s official website, jingdong mall, etc.) sales channels, for smartphone shipments in 2013 is expected to more than 30 million units. It is worth mentioning huawei smartphone adopted the self-developed haisi CPU, in control of core technology compared with other domestic manufacturers. Huawei is millet in the smartphone only obstacle on the road the third.

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and meizu describe in the “millet miracle” can walk far?” The article has done, here no longer wordiness. If millet was selling mobile phone, meizu is doing mobile phone, on the products and design ideas, meizu is a faithful fans of apple, has a group of small white is different from “rice” followers, before each launch of millet and meizu “rice” and “kerosene” fight has become a unique scenery of the smartphone market.

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5, backgammon vivo

a backgammon just entering the smartphone market in 2011, with the Hi – Fi& The difference of the Smart design, with only a short span of two or three years, in the fierce competition in the market environment, walked out of a differentiation market brand development way. On marketing, the vivo through sponsorship if you are the one “and other TV programs precision is focused on the target customer group, but also keep trying on social media marketing. When launched Xplay vivo big play social media marketing, by opinion leaders on weibo and the letter of recommendation, good marketing results have been achieved.

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6, large coke Dakele

large coke is by former deputy chief editor of netease Ding Xiuhong founded in June 2012 after the resignation of mobile phone brand, is by far the most “millet” brand of mobile phone. Ding Xiuhong set in the company has a clear development ideas: “shanzhai” millet out in marketing, “the dream silk route”, do “fans economy”, “into” on the user for millet; On the products, differentiation of domestic routes, “into” samsung Note 2, low-cost domestic mobile phone market. In the meizu MX3 and millet 3 after the conference, large coke with millet, on the marketing of four two dial one thousand jins results have been achieved. Ding Xiuhong shipments on the short-term goal of a big coke breakthrough 3 million units as soon as possible, so that it can be on the supply chain and product design to gain the initiative in more. Millet model has achieved unprecedented success, and millet “followers” large coke can replicate the success and thus, worthy of attention.

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operating system

beautiful MIUI operating system starting from the release of millet, have good user reputation. In lei jun advocated by millet triathlon (hardware + software, the Internet service) has a pivotal position in the strategy. Based on the transformation of beautiful MIUI android depth does not have a higher threshold, there is old rivals before the meizu Flyme, after numerous studies and imitators, including huawei Emotion of operating system and Mr Luo’s hammer (Smartisan) operating system, which will become a beautiful MIUI rivals.

1, meizu Flyme

the meizu Flyme OS and millet beautiful MIUI walked two completely different development road. At the start of millet beautiful MIUI development, aimed at “fever”, a variety of functions and Settings, can satisfy the need of “fans” heartily for. While adhering to meizu’s Flyme by concise style to the extreme, meizu products operating system UI is concise and lively, get rid of a lot of unnecessary features, easy to use, easy to operate. Beautiful MIUI and relative merits of Flyme? This is a matter of opinion.

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2, huawei Emotion

huawei launched the Emotion of the operating system time is not long, and the beautiful MIUI compared with Flyme, there are certain gap. But as huawei smartphone shipments rising, huawei is paying attention to product quality at the same time, more resources to promote software experience. As the latest 2.0 version of the Emotion, further enhance huawei’s “soft” power. Emotion of the operating system business some style, and Microsoft’s WP8 operating systems have different place.

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3, hammer system Smartisan

do education training from Mr Luo released in March with a hammer system, earnest attention by the industry. Phoenix network digital summary of hammer system: (1) sent SMS pour out the water, but the hammer Rom provide text messages can cancel function; (2) important information calls will be prompted; (3) the time display time difference; (4) any state can manually adjust the screen rotation direction; 5. Brightness can quickly tap by volume key; 6. During the Spring Festival automatic display lunar; 7 calendar automatically according to the weather; Today a key switch languages; Pet-name ruby sweep Angle of screen to empty. No matter how many people poking fun at hammer system faults or deficiencies, a layman do bad did a lot of professional mobile phone operating system, and caused a sensation, the marketing success of the event itself is far greater than the product itself. Starting from the idea of doing phone initiation, Mr Luo has been staring at the millet, student can transcend the teacher, also true to say.

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smart TV

before smart TV in millet, foreign apple iTV program has been developed, and the domestic companies lenovo and hisense also have research and development and sales of smart TV, just due to reasons such as sales and market acceptance, the manufacturer has not been put into full text smart TV business. Despite the hardware parameters, the following will be taken from the software, content, supply chain management to analyze lenovo, hisense, such links Letv, TCL iQIYI, cool and other competitors and advantages and disadvantages of the product.

1, Lenovo

as early as the beginning of 2012, the author has seen lenovo lenovo experience stores in Beijing smart TV products. On the development of hardware, lenovo is walking in the forefront. Recently, lenovo and sharp cooperation launched flagship K72/82 60 inches of big screen smart TV. Look from the product design is not outstanding, software and operation systems and also the soft rib of the association. Lenovo’s smart TV is more like a PC version. However, lenovo’s supply chain, channel and brand advantages to be reckoned with, like PC and smart phones, lenovo will still go to profit in scale, through the scale and the way of profits.

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2, hisense Hisence

hisense introduced in 2011 have access to the Internet function of smart TV. Hisense introduced a smart TV brand VIDAA TV recently, has been the major advertising on CCTV and local TV appearance, marketing positioning “the simplest smart TV (intelligent is simple).” Hisense group 2012 sales income 81 billion yuan, hisense LCD TV sales share of 16.35%, the ninth consecutive year accounted for sales in the first place. With rich experience in supply chain management, channels and marketing. Once the force field of smart TV, strength.

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3, Letv TV

on May 7th, Letv super TV, TV, can be regarded as the first announced into smart TV Internet companies. Letv enter the field of smart TV, advantage lies in the content of the rich resources Letv itself and box of customer resources. The latest news and music as a TV and tencent will be held on September 23, conference, announced the cooperation, is worth looking forward to.

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on September 3, TCL love hand in hand held in the “TV +, playing for real – TCL” love in the TV conference, TCL group chairman and CEO li dongsheng, chairman of the board of directors of the company, the CEO robin li, baidu conference. The release of TCL, love in the TV +, every pioneered the industry and Internet industry new patterns of cross-border cooperation and product new form. TCL has more than 30 years of accumulation, in the field of television iQIYI monthly cover 400 million computers, laptops, PAD, mobile phone video users, baidu is a giant in the field of search, behind the intelligent terminal into the sitting room, shows the Internet giant’s emphasis on smart TV and determination. There are reports today, baidu baidu shadow bar, vowed to kill millet box and so on box products.

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5, cool open TV

on September 10, skyworth joint alibaba launched online brand cool open TV, skyworth, said cool open TV built-in bargain from ali, alipay, applications, such as water and electricity coal and select start Tmall channels. Skyworth cool open brand launched three new TV, of which 42 inches youth version of the price as low as 1999 yuan. Engineering machine of these products will be held on October 1 in cool TV website and Tmall start. Yang Dongwen skyworth President, said yesterday that the cool open 70% of the products will be sent to you by Tmall, jingdong online channels, in addition, there are 30% of the products for sale through customized or single platform, etc. Skyworth, deputy general manager of domestic marketing Yang Xiaojun said “millet television design, is one of the main design in two years ago, is now the low end of the design. We adopt the design, it is all metal design. We poke fun at 1: when industrial civilization in the Stone Age. The gap is so big.”

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