Millet hammered out a new round of financing, valued at $10 billion into the fourth largest Internet companies in China

had been spread over the millet in the financing of new progress. Poly era (YY) CEO li3 xue2 ling2 last night revealed that millet in weibo has completed financing, according to a $10 billion valuation millet company CEO lei jun were confirmed.

it points last night, li3 xue2 ling2 using red rice to release information in the weibo, according to “millet is said to have 10 billion dollars!” And the way of sharing geographical position is used to derive the a and lei jun, CEO of kingsoft hong-jiang zhang and others pictures. From site location, it should be around the millet company is located.

weibo content, lei jun turned, then this is called “is done, thank you!” This is the first time senior official with the financing case an official statement. However, he did not disclose the financing amount and the shareholders and other details. Because the millet will be held on September 5th annual product launches, at the appointed time may publish more detailed content.

last month, the spread of millet to negotiate a new round of financing. There was news that millet the latest round of financing amount more than $2 billion, $10 billion valuation approaches, DST is Russian venture capital investment institutions, and one of DST investor tencent as millet investors indirectly, but millet officials have remained mum, declined to comment.

after the millet has too much round, after completion of each round, millet value will be the “triple jump”. At the end of 2010, millet after A round of $41 million in financing, valued at $250 million. In December 2011, millet won $90 million in financing, valued at $1 billion; At the end of June 2012, millet announced to raise $216 million m, valued at $4 billion. Just three years, millet valuation turned 36 times.

high valuations rise rapidly with millet is directly related to the good performance. , according to lei jun released the latest data by the end of June 2013, millet including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong and a total of 14.22 million mobile phone users. Results in the first half of 2013 reached 13.27 billion yuan, more than 7.03 million mobile phones are sold, in the first half of the revenue of 12.6 billion yuan more than last year. In the recent Internet conference, lei jun millet revenue this year is expected to reach 28 billion yuan, in 2015, the fastest to reach 100 billion yuan.

as of press time statistics to shares, millet company valuation of $10 billion has become a fourth largest Internet companies in China (more accurately for the mobile Internet company). Top three tencent and baidu, ali, respectively, while alibaba is not listed, but its size lay there, certainly within three, followed by netease ($9.565 billion), qihoo 360 ($8.845 billion).

$10 billion of millet, hardware company in China, after lenovo group LTD. At the same time, the market value is close to the market capitalisation of nokia and MOTOROLA, which market value is $14.9 billion today.