Millet crisis: the user is god

hunting cloud network on October 23,

from the People’s Daily yesterday by saying, “don’t put the user when the monkey playing” in an editorial, the heavyweight media, without extra trouble brewing and success he recently repeated millet hunger marketing problem to the climax. No matter what is the end of the CCTV advertising bidding, millet, hunger marketing is too hungry.

last week published a user post request is true or false door, hunting cloud network bad judgment. But hunting cloud network recently did experience a few millet to snap up, but also some millet 2 s every week. Xiao yun robbed. 4 in a row, a total two accounts open to hang with friends, I didn’t see a penny at last! Before and after the time of calculation for at least four days! Of course, this is you want to rob, blame others.

as a product launch has been rectified, however, also let consumers spent a month all don’t weigh in hand, you is the price of this 1799 place that when the monkey butt for people to the pursuit of the reward?

2 s final friends really want to, go to took a clap, 1959 yuan. In 1959 instead of antiques. To sift through these merchants trading records, inventories, millet 2 s production is really very good! At the tip of a week, floating inventory back and forth, never lack of the goods. With millet website unavailable form sharp contrast.

this is introduced for half a year time millet 2 s to snap up the status quo. Millet no hunger marketing statement lousy underpants, already covered not ashamed. This time, the People’s Daily has just opened a jabbed the problem.

lei jun higher-profile business philosophy: “to the user when friends”, it is really can’t think of is iron level of the elder brothers, friends or acquaintances level. Even level of iron man, when the supply chain with distributors these living good gay friends came to the front of you, behind closed doors, mua, SuSuGu and two pillow wind blowing. Michael a try to be brave, feel your mouth technology good, tens of thousands of good friend would have to sacrifice for gay friends.

so, still honestly will user as god! Although the practice of good old gay friends down the supply chain is a bit too, but to the user le consumption experience is not desirable. The user when god, always afraid of. The user’s experience and interests in the first place, does not lose the trust of the user.

millet needs not just need crisis marketing, public relations ability again how strong, more important, is to reflect on how firmly held the trust of consumers. Broken apple users when the idea of students, but cannot learn to jobs subversive creativity, reassemble the concept of take the user as a friend, but not much as a friend’s moral. This is a question of millet should make a reflection.