Millet box is a big conspiracy…

yesterday, millet box started to sale in Shanghai, zhejiang and other places. The next day, taobao has hundreds of thousands of spot it is very natural. Castration version of the box, it is said, can only watch CNTV content, because I haven’t, so is true or not is not clear. But vowed to buyers of taobao owner, these boxes are escaped from the prison.

curious lei jun what do next move. Obviously, millet box have solved the problem of how to listed in the table, once the ownership, naturally, in turn, will appear all sorts of legal or less legitimate keys ROOT and flash package, that see TV do up on APPLE TV, millet can did it on their own platform even study how time to eliminate the ROOT.

the rest of the things is very interesting. If PPTV , the iQIYI, sohu video to think of a way to access to the curve of millet box, it will be for the cable TV industry in China is a huge disaster. Of course, is a significant positive for Internet users.

in fact as a standard android, millet box can handle machine and tablet in video client directly, so the rest of problem is not convenient operation. PPTV ‘will, in the name of some of curve provide support for the interface of millet box? Actually also is nothing more than a remote support, support a large font, technical nature without any problems. Outside the crux of the problem in technology, such as start-up that recently, the name of the longest in the history of government agencies

the play millet box, will be more interesting than most people think, wait and see.

by the way, I hold youku potatoes (space). From millet box to youku, what will there be a logical link, I said now is not good, but, I am willing to wait and see.