Millet and throw Pebbles to all products increase gesture recognition?

(editor: qing nan)

millet mobile phone products still wind up water, not only that, the industry also rumours tipping millet in the tablet, TV products, the company industry layout seems to become clear. Today, in front of the next generation of technology trends, lei jun again cast nets.

recently, on millet and gesture recognition service Pebbles Interfaces news began to spread in the vc circle the Israeli start-up company B received $11 million round of investment, investors are there any other company. Before that, the Pebble they won A $2 million seed investment, A wheel left $8 million.

Pebbles Interfaces this company do

Pebbles Interfaces company was established in 2010, the product is still in the research and development testing phase, plans to start selling the end of this year or early 2014.

from the show at present, the company products and video, the accuracy of products is mainly based on gesture recognition and interaction, and other virtual reality technology, Pebbles people don’t need to wear any special accessories or with the aid of other specific tools, but the combination of very ordinary camera, can realize the precise identification of the palm of your hand.

it using optical element, in the device’s camera to track the user’s hand movements, and then provides the high quality of gesture recognition, and convert these gestures to the user input commands, realizes the gesture interaction. And because it is very small, so can be embedded in any intelligent device with a camera, as long as in the scope of the camera can capture can be done to the person’s hand to catch, and image on the screen, so the application range is very wide, such as TV, tablet, mobile phone, large LCD screen, etc.

and Leap Motion separate apparel products, Pebbles products mainly for equipment vendors, and tend to integrate in a variety of equipment, to provide terminal gesture recognition and control functions. And even 5 to 7 meters distance, can still to accurate recognition of hand gestures, and the price is cheaper than Leap Motion.

earlier this year, the company has specialized in China, the purpose has two: one is the demand for financing, finally completed the target under the vc circle introduced. 2 it is to seek cooperation, when meeting with lenovo and companies such as konka, hisense, millet, and shenzhen metro on the screen, to discuss cooperation. At present, the Pebbles have offices in Beijing, Shanghai and shenzhen, are a small team of about five people, mainly responsible for customer service, sales, localization, and other business, the core of research and development department in Israel.

although haven’t openly selling products, but from the display effect and application of the preliminary scene, has a very broad market. This seems to be and millet product line is very fit in the future.

phone recognition for millet mean?

in the smartphone and PC devices such as processing speed and capacity increasing cases, the gesture recognition technology with a new way of interaction,

opens up again we interact with the machinery, equipment or computer. At present, Intel, qualcomm, Microsoft and samsung giants are in the layout.

in terms of smartphone, market research firm ABIResearch last year released a study predicts that by 2017, which has the function of visual gesture recognition smartphone shipments will reach 600 million units.

great prospect, the main concept of enthusiasts millet company would not miss any opportunity of change, the more it is to cope with the demands of consumers in advance, gesture to the introduction of the operating functions naturally, take market commanding heights.

however, lei jun seems to don’t want to depend too much on the market at present players, investment Pebbles Interfaces can achieve the effect of “kill two birds with one stone”. Besides can realize return on investment, but also can more easily to Pebbles products grafting to millet mobile phone and the following tablet, TV, and other products. Pebbles very low product price will reduce millet product cost, also accord with consistent performance characteristics.

at the moment, Pebbles products can actually bring about how big waves, it is difficult to be sure, even to embedded Pebbles products also need to wait until the end of this year or next year, the earliest also need a market process of inspection and acceptance.