Middle treasure 440 million yuan to buy a 51% equity deals involving two companies tencent

(editor: qing nan)

suspended from August 6 began to important solved the major trading suspension of middle treasure. Last night, middle treasure announcement, said the company plans to spend 440 million yuan buy shenzhen soma technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “soma technology”) and Shanghai beauty peak digital technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “beauty peak digital”) their 51% stake in the two trading fund 87.465 million yuan and 357 million yuan respectively. In addition, the announcement said middle treasure 14 began to resumption of trading.

in the trade also involves to the tencent company. According to the statement disclosure, before trading, tencent is the second largest shareholder, soma technology holds a 13.5% stake. After the deal, middle treasure will own a 51% stake in soma technology, tencent holdings will drop to 7.35%. Because the soma technology already has partnership with tencent,, middle treasure can get tencent platform through channels.

on the funds needed for the acquisition of processing, middle treasure by modify the project capital use and free to solve it. According to the announcement, middle treasure to the second interim board meeting yesterday, the review by the relevant legislation.

for the changes to raise investment projects and the cause of the big game company takeovers, middle treasure explains that the game industry pattern is changing, pages, such as mobile game is growing rapidly, so the company’s strategic layout is also on page to swim, mobile game business tilt; In addition, part of the company to raise for project completed research and development and realize the online operations.

soma technology

statement disclosure of information display, soma technology was founded in 2009, is a focus on the service of mobile terminal network game development and operation of high-tech enterprises. Game is currently operating products includes Wap online game “world”, “fairy you are the one, Wap version, Android version and Web version.

on financial performance, 2012 revenue of 2012 yuan, net income of 43.198 million yuan; 1-2013 revenue of $21.25 million in June, net income of 14.777 million yuan.

middle treasure to disclose, to raise funds to be used 2186.63 ten thousand yuan (the first) and its own funds 6559.87 a total of ten thousand yuan

8746.50 $ten thousand for 51% stake of soma technology acquisition, after completion of the acquisition, the company owns a 51% stake in soma technology, soma technology become a subsidiary of the company.

at the same time, soma technology promises to 2013, 2014, 2015 annual audited net profit are not less than 24.5 million yuan, 40 million yuan and 52 million yuan.

specific view, middle treasure to the original plan to raise for project “2.5 D game” three ranger “development project” in 21.8663 million yuan to raise money into buy soma 51% stake in the project of science and technology, to pay for the first phase of the equity transfer section.

beauty peak digital

beauty peak digital is the earliest in China mobile phone network game development and operation of the company, one of the game is currently operating products include “ancient Ⅱ”, “old world”, “ding ding hall”, “the king” and “king Ⅱ”. Mainly adopts the independent operation, the operation mode of the joint operation and agency operations.

on financial performance, beauty peak digital revenue of 19.8757 million yuan in 2012, loss of 9.88 million yuan. In the first half of this year on revenue of 40.32 million yuan, net income of 10.55 million yuan.

middle treasure this plan to raise capital of RMB 142.8 million (the first), and its own funds 214 million yuan in 357 million yuan the transferee beauty peak digital original shareholders Guo Yu, de-xin li and clock has a beauty peak digital 51% stake. After completed the equity transfer, the company will hold beauty peak digital 51% stake, digital original shareholders own beauty beauty peak digital 49% stake.

in addition, the middle will treasure planned offering investment project “construction project of suzhou r&d center” of the 82.8 million yuan, “2.5 D game” new song of “development” of the 20 million yuan, “3 D game” allied “development projects” and 20 million yuan in “3 D game development project” dream garden “, “a total of 20 million yuan in 142.8 million yuan to raise money into buying beauty peak digital 51% stake in the project, to pay for the first phase of the equity transfer section.

beauty peak digital commitment, its 2013, 2014, 2015 annual audited net profit are not less than 45 million yuan, 80 million yuan and 110 million yuan.

in addition, middle treasure also reveals that in the future to reach a certain promise profits under the background, the assignor total holdings of soma to subsequent acquisition technology and beauty peak digital 100% stake, and made an agreement.