Microsoft’s official admitted: Surface RT naming indeed cause the confusion of consumers

according to foreign media reports, science and technology Microsoft Surface product manager Jack Cowett admitted in an interview with Italian magazine, Surface RT tablet Microsoft launched last year, in the name really caused the market and consumer confusion.

Cowet said: “we have to admit that the company did not let the consumer understand differences between Surface RT and Surface Pro. Microsoft wanted very much to make people understand the different between the above two models, and the two have different position in the market.”

it is understood that Microsoft first released Surface RT tablet, as its name is “Microsoft Surface with Windows RT” (Windows RT system of Microsoft Surface tablet), but not long after, Microsoft still adopt the popular now “thumbnail” name (Surface RT).

as early as in Microsoft released Surface RT tablet, many oems have questioned the name of “rationality”. Dell has asked Microsoft to replace Surface RT this brand name, because they can’t explain to consumers the difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro. In addition, samsung has a similar problem (of course of its predictions Windows RT tablet market performance is not good), but to give up in the United States released Windows RT tablet.

Surface RT let Microsoft lost $900 million in sales. As currently the only one in the production of Windows RT system “vendor”, Microsoft (refers to the Windows RT system) has been many of the original “friend”. After media reported many times, however, nokia will be 22 this month to launch a Windows RT system of 10.1 inch tablet.

second generation Surface

recently, Microsoft has just released the Surface and Surface Pro 2. Analysts believe that the reason why Microsoft removed the names of the RT, because want to consumer confusion caused previously. Xiao yun thought, however, given the Surface RT poor market performance, Microsoft has avoid causing the intention of consumers “stereotypes”.