Microsoft’s cloud penetration enterprises, government office market further, multi-point attack challenge amazon cloud services

at present, in the public cloud services, Microsoft is gradually challenge the dominance of amazon AWS. Recently, the Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud services) and their tentacles into the government office and the enterprise market.

1, Microsoft started GovCloud project, for the U.S. government to build a security cloud services

recently, Windows Azure cloud services officially won the FedRAMP (Smith barney risk and authorization management projects) certification. And just yesterday, Microsoft announced the launch of GovCloud project. Executive vice President of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise service Satya Nadella said, cloud services for the government to prove the safety of Windows Azure. However, TechCrunch questioned the U.S. government, has a strong monitoring system by Microsoft cloud services to ensure the necessity of government data security. Meanwhile, xiao yun just get news, amazon’s cloud in a fight with IBM (CIA) with the CIA, and NSA (NSA) provide cloud services bidding activities, won a $600 million order (court rejected IBM about AWS did not reach the certain standard of litigation) of the agreement.

2, Microsoft’s cloud further focus on enterprise market

on Monday, Microsoft’s official release. These services include: 18th of this month, the official launch Windows Server 2012 R2, the System based on Microsoft’s cloud Center 2012 R2, Visual Studio 2013 and. NET 4.5.1. In addition, Microsoft also collaborate with global data service center Equinix Equinix, founded in 1998, in the center of the data size and revenue is a world leader. At present, the group in the americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East in 14 countries and regions, 31 market operates 94 international business exchange (IBX) data center. As a result, the company can directly use Windows Azure will own data access Equinix. This is similar to the amazon’s DirectConnect technology.

Nadella said: “although amazon cloud services market started early, has more obvious advantage, but we can through multi-point attack, reduce the distance between Microsoft cloud and amazon quickly.” Cloud services has become the network technology of the development of the future. Google (Google App Engine), amazon (AWS), such as giant, have begun to power in the field of cloud services. Has a powerful service Xbox, Office 365, Microsoft will also build in IaaS (cloud) as the core strategic new platform.