Microsoft’s $100000 reward Windows 8.1 holes discoverer

Facebook recently to “white hat hackers” Arul Kumar1.25 thousands dollars may have is a very attractive, but Microsoft has a huge bounty perhaps to restore you through again. Recently, Microsoft’s $100000 reward to Windows8.1 loophole, almost 10 times as much as Facebook bounty.

according to Reuters, historically related bugs found reward, the reward amount is high.

the receiving of the reward is London Security consulting firm Context Information Security, vulnerability research, director of the James Forshaw. Microsoft security response center, senior security strategist Katie Moussouris wrote in the blog, Forshaw puts forward a new method of attack, and this will help to greatly upgrade Microsoft Windows system security, and improve the defense capability of the of all kinds of attacks on the whole.

Forshaw, and the other five holes researchers vulnerability bounty in the Microsoft since June by activities of the contribution of excellence. Moussouris represent billions of Microsoft users greeted this several researchers with gratitude.

Forshaw have not receive the Microsoft for the bounty for the first time. Microsoft recently also for its research in Internet Explorer and preview a loophole in the early warning to pay a $9400 bounty is put forward.

according to the black hat file view, Forshaw is a specialist in computer hardware and software, has 10 years of relevant experience, involving areas such as application testing, product evaluation, vulnerability analysis, and vulnerabilities.

technology company security vulnerabilities to provide prizes for the researchers found that the model has become an important part of software developing. Google, for example, since 2010, when hackers found the online tools of loopholes, Google has paid $600000 for the related bug localization bounty. Mozilla loopholes in the safety aspects of almost equal reward and Facebook also launched a vulnerability bounty.