Microsoft was interested in buying nokia, but the talks have broken

a few days ago, the Wall Street journal has revealed he is interested in buying Microsoft partner nokia news, said the two sides had specific negotiations. But fruitless negotiations.

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in September 2010, nokia, after the person “Trojan” Microsoft CEO Stephen elop published the famous “burning platform” theory, leadership. At that time, the industry believes that Microsoft’s acquisition of nokia’s only a matter of time.

however, according to the latest Wall Street journal reported that the purchase plan has already been “abortion”. The article also points out that the plan fails, part of the reason may be Microsoft for nokia “shaky” smartphone market share, disappointed.


nokia sold 5.6 million units in the first quarter of 2013, the company equipment than the first quarter of 4.4 million, but still only about 5% of its share of the market and apple and samsung continue to control the main market share.

although WP (Windows Phone) recent market recovered slightly (especially in Europe), but still can’t with Android and iOS these two “giants”. Nokia is the mainstay WP platform of hardware. If Microsoft on nokia’s fate, it is how to think the WP platform of their own in the future?