Microsoft: use the discount for the Surface flat! The highest support price no more than $200

The first generation of

Surface begin depreciation for activities!

if you buy it , 3 , 4 and your equipment can run normally, no damage, so you can buy at a discount to Microsoft counter the first generation of Surface tablet. However, your device support price will not exceed 200 $.

according to previously published results show that Microsoft Surface tablet let it lost 9 $. Even Mr Ballmer admitted they wrongly estimated the demand of the market, the backlog of too much Surface inventory.

although Surface RT has cut twice, and also introduced a series of “home appliances to the countryside” type of promotional activities, market reaction is still flat.

it is understood that the current Surface RT for 349 us.

it is clear that Microsoft is eager to clearance, to meet the upcoming Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 . However, professional analysis, which proved that the second generation Surface release tablet no earlier than 10 on and day.

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