Microsoft: the lost decade

(translation: Tony)

in the eighty s, a young man named Bill Gates had a great idea: let every family can use on a microcomputer, and their machines are running from Microsoft’s software. At that time, the idea of bill is enough to make everyone feel shocked, but ten years later, he realized his dream. Bill became the richest man in the world at the age of 31, under the leadership of his Microsoft company also have the profit growth for a moment of the printing press.

bill is very smart, he is to judge the trend of the development of the PC industry. Microsoft gave up at that time seems to be PC hardware production of life, dedicated to engaging in the development of the operating system and office software. Windows and Office give the PC to the soul, let it become the effective tool for the user work and entertainment.

PC operating systems and software is a real potential. Let Microsoft Windows system make the overflow, and let it become the core and dominant of the industrial chain. For a long time, bill and his colleagues, just rely on the patent license fee can get huge gains.

however, ample cash milk slowly let the beast head become bloated, it concerns only profits, but not of other competitors in the industry development.

in the mid – ninety – s, the concept of information superhighway and the Internet became the latest trends of PC industry. A startup called Netscape (Netscape) keen capture this information, and developed a beta version of the same browser. This installation is on the desk of the Internet client, was a great success, and netscape founder as Microsoft break the powerful weapon for metal.

gradually the little-known small company, caused the attention of the bill. In 1995, Microsoft internal records, the bill is clearly aware of the potential crisis of the Windows facing, and raised the importance of the Internet. He wrote: “the next few years, the Internet will have great development, it will be in a very long period of time become the barometer of our business. Have to admit that, after a period of time, I didn’t give enough emphasis on the development of related software to the Internet. However, today, I want to clarify the fact that the Internet is the core of Microsoft’s business development. Even I can say that since 1981, when IBM produce it since the first generation of PC, Internet has become the industry’s second historical turning point.”

netscape web browser, let bill felt nervous. The netscape product is popular, also once again deepened the understanding of the Internet bill. Microsoft, in his opinion, all of the products and services should be based on the Internet. Netscape for users in order to market, Microsoft began to use their advantages in the field of the operating system, provide free bundles of IE browser for Windows users. Although the initial IE in poor user experience, and by the antitrust charges, but bill and Microsoft because bush’s victory in American presidential election in 2000, and obtained a respite.

although defeated netscape, Microsoft can bill chose profession. In the same year, bill resigned as Microsoft’s chief executive, and gradually away from the control position of Microsoft. Exiting a bill, however, did not choose the suitable successor, Mr Ballmer let once magnificent beast slowly into a deep sleep in the new era.

Internet search and online advertising, smart phones and other new Internet services, mobile equipment, let the PC era emperor Microsoft humiliation. Originally can rest easy in the PC business, but also because of the advent of the era of mobile, facing the market sales plummet predicament. However, Microsoft seems to have opened my eyes hazy. In a 2700 – word internal records, Mr Ballmer said: full of newspeak “restructuring after Microsoft will be in a more efficient, fast, and stronger ability, to tell the development change of the market.” (see)

Microsoft’s reorganization has received the widespread attention from the society from all walks of life, many in the industry were as a triumph of PC giants tried to transform its horn. The company is divided into four departments (operating systems, applications and services, cloud computing and enterprise, equipment and studio), has been a “military town” product group (product group) has been cancelled. All these measures are for the achievement of ballmer’s mouth “a Microsoft” dream.

“restructuring, Microsoft, is to provide users with better equipment and services, let them full of entertainment in the home, in the company efficient collaboration”. Ballmer’s declaration above seems to be we will say that some of the cliches, said a little bit more simple, Microsoft seems to be in such a message to us: though it has yet to find a suitable transformation circuit, but it had to let others feel that Microsoft is efforts.

, I think, Bill Gates is a wise man, because he chose to leave in the company’s most glorious time.

Via: guardiannews