Microsoft temporarily give up Youtube for the development of native applications

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Windows Phone recently launched a new Youtube application. But, let a person feel some surprise, this version of the Youtube is network application version of WP had published three years ago. Accordingly, analysts say, Microsoft will be released temporarily give up Youtube local application.

as one of the world’s largest video website, watch Youtube video, of course, is a mobile ecosystem is an indispensable part of the user experience. However, Google has not been applied for Windows Phone launched the official YouTube. So Microsoft decided to roll, their Youtube application development of a third party. Early in May this year, Microsoft has launched a version of WP version of YouTube.

but Microsoft version of YouTube application allows the user to skip the ads, and you can download the video. Such behaviour angered the Google, and in the middle of may this year, Google issued under “ultimatum” in Microsoft. Microsoft accused at the time, because Google did not provide its on Youtube ads related API interface, so the above situation arises.

since the two sides announced, after but when the latest WP version on YouTube, but again because of a violation of the Google “terms of service” and banned. A spokesman for Google said: “Microsoft did not to the browser Windows phone to the necessary upgrade, thus hindered the realization of the function of Youtube part. We always attach importance to all of the developer community, and Google has always been equally.”

Microsoft senior vice President David Howard on the Microsoft web site titled “, “criticized Google misused Microsoft. Microsoft has accused Google again blocked Windows Phone version of the YouTube application is based on the reason is “”.