Microsoft Surface tablet sales more than Google Nexus 10

Beijing time on April 22 morning news, the us technology bloggers this Nai, dick Evans (Benedict Evans) reported that Microsoft Surface tablet has sold more than 10 Google operator Nexus. This data reflects the Microsoft in the notebook and tablet market development direction in the future.

tablet sales data is usually not easy to statistics. For the Nexus 10, Evans to use its unique screen size to track, and calculates the total number of users based on Google Play. Jonny, the Nexus of 10 total of about 680000 users.

on the other hand, bloomberg previously reported that Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro sales of 1.5 million units, in line with the most analysts’ expectations. This means that the Surface tablet sales are better than the Nexus of 10.

what’s the meaning of this comparison result? For Google, it may be meaningless. Nexus series products are mainly for geeks and developers, as long as the Nexus products provided to programmers, and some influential people. Google to promote all the Android tablets, and more users and attention will be good for Google’s earnings.

for Microsoft, the contrast results some subtle. There is no doubt that as a brand, far below the Surface of the sales. But only in terms of Surface Pro, and this tablet in the market a month when it sold 400000 units, and with a price of $500 has good profit margins. At present, the Surface Pro has the potential to bring Microsoft Surface department quarterly revenue of $200 million.

in the first quarter, Microsoft’s Windows business adjusted revenue of $4.62 billion, which means that the contribution of Surface Pro can reach 4%. At present, the Surface Pro sales have reached a quarter. Can imagine in the next year, Surface Pro will present the scale effect, and retail efficiency will improve. If you want to see how Microsoft’s performance in “post-pc era”, then the Surface Pro sales is an indicator.

it is true that the output of Surface Pro is not very high, relative to the iOS platform provides a variety of options, the attraction of the Surface is not big. But if Microsoft can improve Surface Pro 2013 sales, sales of 4 million to 5 million units, so Surface series products will bring a stable income.

for Google, the Nexus of 10 almost is a technology platform. But represents the future of Microsoft Surface, the Surface of the sales will be a key part of the Microsoft’s future strategy. Surface of sales is better than the Nexus covers 10 is due to Microsoft more developers and a geek, but Microsoft still needs further promotion of the product, and create a suitable in the new era of mobile computing platform.