Microsoft plans to WP Store and Windows Store together

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge reports, Microsoft plans to Windows Phone Store and Windows Store together.

sources, executive vice President of Microsoft’s operating system Terry Myerson in one thousand an internal staff meetings announced the news. In addition, he promised to WP and Windows system, introduced the application of the fused store.

but Myerson didn’t show that after fusion of Windows Store will be what appearance, he also did not say same WP whether applications will be able to run on carrying Windows system devices.

Myerson think Windows RT system will be used for Microsoft’s mobile phones and smaller tablet. In a recent analysis meeting he said: “ Windows RT is our based on ARM architecture developed the first tablet system. With the integration of phones and tablet, Microsoft will produce more Windows ARM tablet “.

Microsoft had always wanted to create a can fuse WP and Windows application platform of the system. Myerson once said: “all of the applications, we provide the end user should be cross platform (of course this is refers to the various systems of Microsoft launched).”

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