Microsoft or the $1 billion acquisition of the Nook Media make up the content

according to inside information, Microsoft to 10 $to buy the Nook Media LLC digital assets. The joint venture company’s main electronic books and college teaching materials business. The Microsoft plans to use the stock purchase priority, acquire the Nook Media university teaching material, e-book departments as well as the Nook e-reader and tablet.

the message pointed out that to 2014 , the Nook Media plan to give up its android tablets. The company’s content will be through a third party device built-in app release. Some guess as early as in February, the company will abandon the tablets. According to the information at hand, and we are not sure who will be the such third party tablet supplier, but may be Microsoft’s own doing equipment, may also have other manufacturers of tablet (including competing platform), or both. In short, everything needs to be 2014 years.

meanwhile, the Nook electronic book reader isn’t going away soon. As consumers tend to buy more multi-purpose equipment for the development of the situation, the product will also gradually withdrew from the historical stage.

Microsoft and Barnes &noble representatives declined to comment on reports.

Microsoft the acquisition agreement. As early as in the 2012 , 4 month, Microsoft announced it with Barnes in the equipment and the content of the Nook, and give the company invested in 3 $. Microsoft also took extra 1.8 $ to support the Nook, designed to make it as Microsoft’s doing equipment to provide the content, but the Nook completed commitment .

so far, the the Nook is sold, including tablets and e-readers, 1 ten million devices with 7 millions of active subscribers. The doing device is no longer boost Microsoft’s interest (although Microsoft insisted that they have been sold so far 1 $zhang OS authorization). Nowadays, the Nook app apply to every major platform, including Android, iOS and Windows.

since last 10 month Microsoft with 3 $ $acquired the Nook Media 16.8% , the Nook Media and retail business. Cooperation between the two is to not was too mature doing tablet provided support. Then the Nook Media, digital products, Jamie Iannone said: “including hardware, software, content, the Nook is the Nook part of the Media. We will establish long-term cooperation relations with Barnes.”

the decline of the Nook seems to help the company to change the market strategy. Barnes, the founder of Leonard Riggio to buy back all the retail business of the company.

according to TC file points out, Barnes valuations for 16.6 $. the Nook Media was originally set up, the individual appraisal to reach and $. In January this year, 850 $to get the company 5% stake, at that time the company valuation up to 18 $. If really can reach the agreement, Microsoft will be much lower than the original purchase price buy the Nook Media.

according to the documents and the management of company news, 2012 , the Nook reaped 12.15 $( Barnes part as of 4 on 30 , ) earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation profits ( EBITDA ), company loss 2.62 $. 2013 , the Nook’s total revenue will fall to the 10.91 $ more due to give up the tablet business, the company will loss 3.6 $. then revenue recovery, to 2017 years, company revenue will gradually recovered to 19.76 $ EBITDA margins 3.62 $.

after shopping season, the Nook suffered a heavy blow . New products once sold only at a discount, even its brand products 10 the Nook HD + price also from 269 $to the 179 $. amazon Kindle Fire HD at the same price. Even if the Nook amazon hardware configuration is better than rivals, but in market share and revenue competition, the Nook to lee. if Microsoft access, electronic market between China and Pakistan between &noble and Jeff Bezos of amazon battle over the king finally came to a close.