Microsoft or in Windows Blue to regain the classic start menu

Beijing time on April 17, according to foreign media reports, reports that Microsoft is developing the latest version of Windows 8, is likely to go back to the classic interface, and not just the current PC and tablet computer operating system in the style of “Metro” interface.

a change that allows the user to switch between two kinds of style, and is likely to be in the Windows version 8.1 (Blue Windows operating system).

Blue is subsequent versions of Windows 8, is expected in October this year will be released. However, users are likely can buy within this year. Microsoft has announced that will shorten the development period of new version of the flagship operating system, which in all products and services focus on promotion of “Blue” system. Eventually, however, whether the product will be called “Windows Blue” is hard to say.

it is understood that Microsoft is testing Windows Blue, so that the latest system after the boot directly lead to the traditional interface.

there are more and more news shows that Microsoft may will be the beginning of the traditional menu and start button to include in the operating system. The personage inside course of study points out, they found in the registry of Windows 8.1 ‘CanSuppressStartScreen’ of this option, this is the most direct evidence.

Microsoft since the launch of Metro style Windows 8, criticized by many consumers. Although the new system user interface looks very cool, but most of the Windows users still accustomed to the traditional keyboard and mouse operation mode. Enterprise users particularly object to the user interface, because they think Microsoft this change is too big, it is difficult to adapt to in a short time.

in the past, Microsoft was forced to return to the user more adaptive version. In 2007, Microsoft Vista introduced Aero, but since it takes up too much memory, launched in 2009 by a leaner Windows 7 operating system.

translation: tencent technology