Microsoft matrix reloaded: soft hard to separate, service integration, set up four products


Steve ballmer announced a series of adjustment to the whole company. New adjustment on eyes and strengthen the company’s internal communication and cohesion, focus on core products, according to the equipment and services will engineer team for four products division.

One Microsoft

Steve ballmer issued a memo to the whole company, said Microsoft is not a collection of a series of policies, but to have “a Microsoft” unified strategy. To resolve the department, the gap between all the departments of the entire company to Microsoft’s core products contribute own strength, which is the core of Microsoft products?

“Windows, Windows Phone mobile operating system, Xbox, Surface, Office 365, EA offers, Bing, Skype, Dynamics (Microsoft’s enterprise CRM , ERP service), Microsoft Azure cloud and server business “.

four products division

according to the “products and services” architecture, Microsoft engineers all the core products divided into four major departments, in which it is worth noting that the software and hardware are separated: Surface/XBOX software and hardware service from different departments, various services were integrated in unity, Skype and Office lose their independent status.


Microsoft will for all major operating systems, including the Windows , Windows Phone and the Xbox software integration, and thus before Windows Phone project development director terry myerson (Terry Myerson) responsible for.

2 , applications and services

including Bing , Skype and Office and other Internet services . Microsoft online services business qi lu will be responsible for a series of office application, communication, search and service. He is mainly responsible for the bing search before.

3 , cloud computing and enterprise

as a New cloud computing and enterprise group, plug,, (Satya Nadella) will be in charge of Microsoft’s data center network and enterprise services business, and Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

4 , equipment and studio

the department including the Xbox , Surface series tablet products, hardware accessories and games, etc. Original Windows system development director Julie larsen green (Julie Larson – Green) as the new equipment and studio, head of the group.

these four products division, became the new Microsoft’s top priority.

and it is worth noting that the “internal cleaning” :

Skype department chief executive Tony Bates before (Tony Bates) , in turn, is responsible for the enterprise development and the relationship between developers, as well as Microsoft’s acquisition and product promotion.


Office business President Kurt del this (Kurt DelBene) will be retired.