Microsoft is very busy, very happy, the company 1520, nokia 10.1 -inch tablet or will be released on September 26th

according to several foreign science and technology media, nokia is likely to be in on the 26th of this month, release 6 inches the company 1520 mobile phones in New York. It is reported, this news, the first comes from the fact a great god.

1520 the company

in addition, foreign media also points out that science and technology, together with the company 1520 and widespread nokia released Windows RT tablet of 10.1 inches. The product code named “Sirius” (…).

if the above reports accurate, then the next day in September will no doubt become a “show” Microsoft. It is understood that in 23 this month, Microsoft will also release the Surface and Surface Pro 2 tablet.

here are the company and nokia 1520 10.1 -inch tablet specific configuration:

the company 1520:

qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 quad-core processors;

screen resolution of 1080 p (nokia in the production of the first resolution of 1080 p WP8 phones);

20 million rear camera;

in order to more frivolous, the device will use polycarbonate material;

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 factory pick up update the system, the update to Windows Phone 8 system to support more configuration, including qualcomm 800 quad-core chip Soc.

Nokia Sirius:

10.1 inch screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution, high brightness adjustment for outdoor display;

10.1 -inch nokia Windows RT tablet

800 processor quad-core qualcomm Xiao dragon;

2 gb of RAM, 32 cb can expand the storage space;

10 hours of battery life. The microSD, Micro USB, Micro HDMI.

support LTE;

in addition to the price and the similar, Nokia, Sirius will be more light than apple’s tablet (450 grams).

the Nokia 10.1 tablet pictured above is derived from the data socket