Microsoft is very angry: hackers use Google employees reported vulnerabilities to attack us!

according to Reuters, the company said some of the launch Window system computer suffered the hacker attack, and the hacker is using the 2 months ago released a Google company, a researcher at the Windows system vulnerabilities, the researcher is by not first told that Microsoft has announced the vulnerability have been condemned.

Microsoft did not disclose the details of the attack. An announcement on Tuesday showed that the hacker launched the “targeted attacks”, this word is often used to refer to espionage by security experts and damage for the motivation of enterprises or the government’s target of cyber attacks.

Google safety engineer Travis mandy ( Tavis McCourt Ormandy ) disclosure of controversial in May, the reason is that he posted online technical information description Windows holes in the operating system, some experts say the move will help the hacker’s malicious attacks before Microsoft released patch to fix.

when asked whether they believe in Mr Mandy of potential safety problems will lead to its attack, Microsoft’s official refused to respond.

the mandy is in a blog post at Google rivals Microsoft and attention for a long time. Admits he is difficult to work with Microsoft security department, and suggested that other researchers contact Microsoft mail and anonymous email under a pseudonym.

a security researchers graham carat lai ( Graham Cluley ) said: “Google’s security researcher of Microsoft open one gun, let this month more strong.”

as I can reach the mandy himself, Google spokesman declined to comment, said the only mandy’s Windows project is the individual behavior, has nothing to do with the company’s work.

Via BI