Microsoft: beat the blackberry when small three

once every quarter the market share of the “settlement date” (), there is no doubt become a prelude to different fans carnival and spat.

in the IDC data just released, the excited fans of Microsoft is that theculmination has replaced the blackberry in a landslide, become the world’s third-largest smartphone operating system. In addition, WP shipments grew by 77.6% year on year, Microsoft’s supporters cheer: WP is the fastest growing smartphone!

emotional, often can let a person temporarily lost his head. Below cloud network is hunting for your comb some key data about WP in IDC.


according to IDC, according to data from Q2 quarter of this year, WP shipments grew by 77.6% year on year.

the figure even more than the Android (73.5%). If single growth, WP will undoubtedly become the fastest growing smartphone. Report, however, there are several data to compare. First, Q2 quarterly global smartphone shipments of 236 million, up 51.3% from a year earlier. Second, blackberry, symbian, Linux system are negative, especially in the “other” type of system, rendering of shipments is zero for the first time. So, first of all, WP soared, a large part of the reason is because of the global smartphone market as a whole. Secondly, although Microsoft shipments on the increase, but with Android and iOS is still not the same. Growth of 77.8%, to a great extent, is the result of the system such as the blackberry to further decline.


this is the most telling a data. Despite the great increase in WP, but only 3.7% market share.

in addition, the figure, compared with the same period of last year rose by only 0.6%. Meanwhile, Android and iOS market share of 79.3% and 13.2%, respectively. That is to say, the champion and runner-up occupied nearly 93% of the smartphone market. Therefore, the so-called “third world” is just a see beautiful, listen to listen, speak out name he felt ashamed of it.


, according to IDC data Q2 quarter, nokia with a 81.6% share of the proportion, has become the WP’s largest producer of smartphones in the system.

that is to say, although the WP in efforts to build its own ecosystem, but nokia’s dominance of the facts is difficult to change. Android, by contrast, gradually presented flowers. IDC report, samsung Android market share in the second quarter of decline further, shrinking from 44.4% during the same period last year to 39.1% this year, a dominant trend stem. Although LG, such as lenovo brand’s market share is only 6% or so, year-on-year growth have both exceeded 100%. (LG is 108.6%; Lenovo is 132.7%) we is not hard to find, though Android fragmentation problem have always existed, but Google completely have the ability to control the situation, and try my best to help every ally onto the road of “get rich”. And the WP is only a nokia, two of the company are firmly tied to a rope. If, however, Microsoft is no longer Allies, and consider more partners, market share of WP also might rise.

Microsoft: beat the blackberry when small three

current smartphone operating system, war has been clearly presented two different group. The first group is the Android and iOS. Although the iOS maintained a high profit, but the declining market share is indeed a potential crisis. Anyway, the two leading position, is others cannot shake in a short time. The second group is WP marginalised, such as the blackberry smartphone battle system. Although Microsoft and Microsoft’s supporters have been advocating “third world” stunt, such as the value of the third place is also too low, was three and small, is small three. TechCrunch have done the metaphor is the most suitable:


one day, Microsoft and blackberry chased by the tiger in the forest (Android & amp; IOS). Blackberry is ready to run, but only to find that one side of Microsoft in tie his shoes. Blackberry said anxiously shouted: “what are you doing also, ran, the tiger catch up.” Slowly lace up your shoes, but Microsoft for blackberry said with a smile: “anyway run, however, as long as I became more quickly than you.”