Microsoft back apple: “iWork and Office far!”

you might think the Air are the stars of the apple conference yesterday, actually free apple office software (and of course the latest OS X giant) is an apple thrown to Microsoft’s a “blockbuster”. Don’t know if it because the cook in the conference “provocative”, angered the Microsoft or apple’s free policy, it’s not, a vice President of Microsoft, Frank Shaw (responsible for publicity, the competent Microsoft blog) of apple iWork the best of irony capabilities.

apple in yesterday’s conference, cook said apple’s some competitors do things let a person feel puzzled. “Now, they are trying to make PC tablet, the tablet PC. Who knows they’ll make what things? !” Although the cook did not identify the Microsoft, but we know what he said is that the software giant, and its new product — Surface 2.

on the other hand, an enraged Microsoft immediately stand up and watched “the saliva offensive” apple accounted for. Statement of the following is from Microsoft’s official blog, cloud network hunting for you to summarize the main content:

, the first is for nokia launched the company 1520 compliments, Frank Shaw said: “the device to be as high as 1080 p resolution, as well as the three column magnetic map desktop makes me feel excited. In addition, he also don’t forget – Surface 2 for their product.

, when it comes to apple version of iWork for free (only buy new apple device or previously installed the iWork users can free upgrade installation), Frank Shaw said: “a new generation Surface has built the world’s best, the most popular, the most powerful office software, and for Surface user is free of charge. Even if apple iWork it provided free of charge to the user, it is neither pop nor powerful software is not a big deal.”

in addition, Frank Shaw also ironic cook announced that apple sold 170 million units of the data. He said: “a lot of people are now touting their products can achieve the function of one kind or another. The productivity of several discount application plus a crappy input devices, let them equipment become the effective tool of entertainment.”

by the way, the vice President of Microsoft, has always been a “big mouth”, often for some products. Even his partner, he also don’t pass. After he publicly said: “Facebook Home from Microsoft WP.”