Microblogging V series events: short term bearish sina weibo

hunting cloud network on August 26,

weibo success in celebrity, but celebrity resources a series of changes will also be negative influence on the formation of its.

recently, microblogging has gradually become scrupulous V. From qin fire fire, set two down four to Zhou Lubao… A few days time, the public network rumor mongers list, even celebrities such as lee was also associated with some Internet marketer. More of a coincidence, another account V, famous angels xue barbarian was also recently was arrested on suspicion of prostitution, and it could change its own weibo positioning.

at this point, we don’t want to comment, lee xue barbarian big V, such as personal motivation, just weibo and media ecology were discussed. Hunting cloud network point of view, a series of initiatives from weibo rumors, from short-term point of view would cause certain influence to active, so bad sina weibo. But in the long term, weibo is there will be a positive role in promoting.

stale of celebrity endorsements

microblog business project, sina was copied the blog “celebrity economy” mode, the and take advantage of its own media form quickly influence.

on and these celebrities operation, weibo has experienced a “bringing in” from the early to late free development route. , celebrities gathered a large number of fans to strengthen its influence, sina weibo which attract a large number of registered users, thereby promoting the value of microblog business, benefit from this, sina weibo peak shares have more than $134.

now on sina weibo, estimates of the number of big V fans must have hundreds, thousands of millionaire. Yao for 51.59 million, for example, lee, 51.4 million, xue savages reached 12.13 million people, grassroots adsense on behalf of Mr. CAI has more than 5.3 million people. In the media attribute strong communities, and had a strong fans chasing, can influence of regurgitation feeding these big V. Such as xue savages with “crackdown”, “free lunch”, “best leukemia patients lu ReQing bail-out” become weibo events such as opinion leaders. In addition, he has publicly acknowledged that microblogging is a looking for investment project of one of the channels.

but sina weibo “celebrity mechanism is not perfect. So, such as stand two split four Internet marketer, qin fire fire began to meddling. Spreading rumours and marketing on the microblogging is extremely low, the cost of water army have migrated from the traditional BBS several years ago, and will microblog as the main marketing, disinformation positions, route of transmission is big V and trumpet, close cooperation between water army, for a planning theme serial hype.

in addition to their own education big V account, they are still in the purchase, cooperation way and peripheral big V for linkage, which thereby leads to a big V forwarding rumors industrial chain. This group of Internet rumor mongers business models tend to be “make name first, and then we will make money,” the rumor itself does not necessarily produce gains, but through the disinformation, attract fans, the fans became the basis of commercial exploitation in the future.

for example made two open four, fire fire once produce guo qin, dry lulu and the July 23 crash of 200 million “day price compensation to such sensational time, in order to attract eyeball for business interests. Good to release the Zhou Lubao of extortion information is spread area through weibo.

many weibo rumors don’t have to too much, for example, many readers must all experience.

brief influence sina weibo activity

big V excessive participation also affects the ecological of sina weibo. Though the official also identify and review by customer service, technical, but extremely difficult, after all the new information at any time are likely to emerge, spread rapidly, verify the cost is higher.

as a result, the relevant departments of the government to concentrate on Internet rumors, is conducive to eliminate weibo real rumor chain, maintain the ecological development.

to purge behavior, most big V has recently started scrupulous, forward and comment on the content of the extremely vigilant, to some extent this will also affect the activity of sina weibo.

this is commercial path lines of sina weibo, it is very important. Before that, there are also body analysis GlobalWebIndex doubt sina weibo activity decreased, reason or tencent WeChat stole the limelight. Today, the latest figures show WeChat nearly 500 million users worldwide, has more than 236 million active users.

coincidentally, Chen tong, rival sina chief editor (@ old sink) release weibo last night said: “the mood of small workshops and reflection and exchange information and hot dinner held in jingxi somewhere tonight, for sure, the content will not be made public.” And this is also part of netizens interpreted as requisite to the big V.