Micro letter version 5.0 will undoubtedly push independent brands pay tool

Held in today

2013 tencent partners meeting, WeChat products division, assistant general manager Ming zeng said in 5.0 version of its own payment system “micro letter to pay”. From partial WeChat pay public account is closed, 5.0 version or in 7 on 10 announced around.

prior to this, the early reports that micro letter will push the payment system, but not sure the goods tenpay is still a new system. In today’s on the BBS, the message is important is the answer. Although on the surface, is to push independent brand mark of Ming zeng said “WeChat payment”, but from the point of view, in fact is the money tenpay technology architecture, just done on interface, expansion function change.

at the meeting, Ming zeng said at present WeChat user already more than 3 , all over the world 200 to many countries and regions, a total cover 18 languages. At present the most concern the public account, amount has exceeded the 100 , among them, the authentication account more than 4 m 70% accounts for the enterprise.

however, due to the marketing value have been touted, on WeChat platform, enterprise promotion day by day serious, affect the user experience. Therefore, WeChat in 5.0 version to adjust WeChat public account (after that have already been closed beta version the existing part of the introduction, see cloud network article:) hunting.

specific rendering, 5.0 version will account to the public is divided into “subscribe” and “service”. Among them, the user’s subscription number will be classified in a folder, a day allow the mass a; Client receives the message will be included in the subscription number of folders, messages without a strong push. “Service” has the limitation of mass, a per month, and subscription number is different, the service, all information will be displayed in the user’s session list, can timely remind users.