Micro letter rumours that the charge statement was chicken thieves

this morning, WeChat official in sina weibo “solemnly rumours,” said the charge about WeChat versions are purely in the rumour.

in the near future, the outflow of various version of WeChat charges. Spread more in guangdong has three, one is WeChat charge will be on July 1. 2 it is micro letter announced specific charge standard. Three is open micro letter will charge later.

in view of the rumors of the outside world, deeply welcomed by micro letter official said rumors. “From the beginning of this year, we will encounter all sorts of rumors, really felt, after twists and turns, version, version 2… Emerge in endlessly. I want to say: it is the hard, through the tomb-sweeping day, three bows to the rumor. After weak weak ground to ask: is there any version 4567 ah.”

WeChat trying to say is, WeChat black too much, all kinds of “hostile forces” to spread WeChat fees in an effort to contain and blow WeChat development.

apparently, WeChat thought that he was black. So worry rumours.

actually, WeChat rumours that is also a kind of public relations. Why do you say that?

it is important to note that WeChat seemingly have solemnly rumours “technology”, in the official weibo, WeChat is only in view of the three flows WeChat fee version made rumours, but not for WeChat charge or not to make any explanation.

this suggests that, WeChat oneself to charge or not does not make a final decision, although tencent has said before, resolute don’t charge for ordinary users, but operators aggressive, vulnerable, tencent in the game from the start operator tencent’s choice initiative been denied.

but WeChat cannot say will charge again, these will shake WeChat development foundation, for the majority of users, the charges will be their natural enemy.

so tencent can only be such a chicken thieves statement.