Micro letter operating system? Or let go of the micro letter

WeChat 5.0 version online, again on the WeChat imaginary space of the market, the spectators for WeChat chanted, WeChat in mobile Internet has become a symbol of omnipotent, as long as WeChat some functions have been market position, to imagine will be invincible WeChat has become the sign of the development of the browser according to this logic, not long after, WeChat is likely to become the operating system, and WeChat does have become the operating system’s potential.

cooperate with operators is a critical step towards operating system

WeChat biggest use is to send information for the users, this is the essence of users use WeChat requirements, as well as the fundamental WeChat development, WeChat can completely replace the existence of the text. Suppose in micro letter operating system environment, micro letter IM function will directly replace the original SMS, MMS, voice function replace original mobile phone call function, so WeChat operating system can completely replace the phone off the most basic phone text messaging, these two functions.

due to system limit, if you want to achieve this kind of situation, micro letter is unlikely to bypass the carriers, so the micro letter must pull operators to the partnership with, micro letter to be a partner with guangzhou unicom micro letter walker is a good try. In addition, the recent China mobile to launch its own brand mobile phone, it won’t be long before the other two operators will follow up, tencent can be actively involved, for the operators to provide WeChat operating system independent brand mobile phone, will WeChat tightly tied together with operators.

operator is responsible for the production of mobile phones, micro letter is responsible for providing mobile phone operating system, the two sides cooperation launch flow package, micro signal and mobile phone number binding, micro letter will replace the traditional mobile phone text messages, phone, users can directly use micro letter information, voice, etc. Set all the benefits of belonging operator, tencent earns nothing, tencent can get profit by software, what a whimsical cooperation!

tencent has all kinds of application WeChat open platform infinite imagination space

mobile applications, social communication, business finance, system security, maps, search, web browser, video and take photos, information, games, tools, etc., these features of tencent can provide completely.

social communication needless to say, the letter itself is such an app;

electrical business finance, tencent electric business can provide, but also a micro letter in this direction actively explore;

system security, micro letter system itself will make it, and tencent has vigorously promoted the tencent phone housekeeper this phone security applications;

map, tencent have a map of search, and in the 5.0 provide a scan version of the search function of street view function;

search, tencent search in the PC search market failure, mobile search has transformation, with the help of WeChat trend is the rapid development can help mobile phone search;

browser, mobile phone browser on the location of the market of the previous two, can face to face with challenge UC browser, the product, the user is not out of the question;

video: tencent has a mobile phone audio and video of tencent, player and content problems are less;

take pictures, to the is a small problem, mobile phones can take pictures, tencent again a photo software development also is not easy;

information, micro letter with a large amount of information, not their own tencent news, many public accounts can provide various kinds of information;

game, micro letter 5.0 the plane hit, the micro letter will on the game intensify development is the indisputable fact that;

tools, WeChat, bear the brunt of the scan function, other such as weather, query, alarm clock, and other functions can be developed, this is not matter.

so, WeChat already have become the basic condition of the operating system, tencent is have been plotting for what WeChat operating system? Of course, there are a lot of things is not tencent can do yourself, although tencent has the ability to do, but not necessarily better than others do, and in some areas, users are more used to use services offered by other companies, so WeChat operating system can’t be closed only services provided by tencent, it also allows tencent is necessarily a competitors involved open platform.