Micro letter of declaration is a black humor

the author: Li Ying atlas

we are in a 3 g/4 g era, but for 2 g/2. 5 g to solve the problem. Micro letter team this statement also really a little black humor.

a national debate WeChat charge event, also is actually causes WeChat signaling “heart”.

9 April, tencent publicly, said “no change” signal frequency to the optimization of 2 G/2.5 G signaling technology “, and creatively put forward “more intelligent dynamic heartbeat new technology” the new word.

tencent on attitude obvious “low key” a lot, but still appearing refused to compromise in the words of the signal. Tencent in the statement even inadvertently emphasize: we have been in a 3 g/4 g era, but for 2 g/2. 5 g to solve the problem. The statement also really a little black humor.

latest sword to repeatedly. China mobile is eager to get on 4 g mentality is very obvious. But Internet senior analyst Gavin is that 4 g for road map, “liu bei and children are unlikely to change the process”, hope China mobile don’t use WeChat masters.

WeChat charge so far inconclusive, but the traditional telecommunications industry and the longer the conflicts emerging Internet industry is not a good thing to both of China mobile and tencent.

although tencent has repeatedly made clear that the letter won’t charge for ordinary users, but the excessive impact on the industry and the interests of all parties fighting game, the “micro letter to the general user fees” rumor continues to spread. At the same time, the kind of micro letter product Line from Japan, in charge of rumors have been under the user is often mentioned, is intended to become a substitute for micro letter after charging.

the charge dispute, subject of WeChat commercialization is the focus of the industry. On April 10, tencent said in the exclusive response to time weekly, micro letter no profit model, they are not anxious to the pursuit of profit, at the moment they care about most or user experience of social product and user experience.

signal “heartbeat” fog to

what is signaling “heart”? In every network interaction, remove content data signal outside of the control signal, is signaling. Due to network terminal signal received requests over the processing capacity of various signaling network resources, lead to network congestion that produces an avalanche effect, lead to the network is not available, called “signaling storm”.

about micro letter signaling storm, China mobile, the first position. Time weekly reporter from China mobile’s internal message that micro letter rise to more than 300 million users, China mobile did find signaling storm impact to the network, micro letter when not hair information, also want to through the heartbeat signal, call quality is affected in some areas, even “so truthfully report to the ministry.”

so, in early march, China mobile, the related technical department suggested that micro letter “reduces the frequency of the heart”. After the proposal for tencent, tencent’s response is “no change”.

if the claim is true, time weekly reporters have sent tencent test request, but tencent did not give you a definite reply.

on April 9, it time weekly reporter wrote a letter to ask about the micro letter of tencent signal frequency conflict with China mobile, the “heart” tencent micro letter team responded publicly, in order to solve the last generation of 2.5 G network signaling pressure, micro letter technology team is operations and operators to discuss the solution. Believe in the near future, the letter can be based on the characteristics of different network, more intelligent dynamic heartbeat of new technology, effectively solve the signaling load of 2.5 G networks.

compared with the previous “no change”, tencent’s publicly, in attitude on “low key” obviously a lot, but still appearing refused to compromise in the words of the signal.

Gavin thinks, 2.5 G born is not designed for mobile Internet, the already poor and TD network construction, China mobile would have no mood to continue to investment. So now, the mobile Internet rapid development in China, China mobile but only to 2 g network for the user’s reaction to the mobile Internet, feet down, even the voice and other basic business affected.

these views are insiders have different ideas with China mobile, China mobile has stressed that China mobile’s 2 G/2.5 G network support WeChat no problem, but China mobile user base is large, signaling storm really do exist. “Signaling network system relation with storm, and the user base is decided to signaling the root cause of the storm.”

about signaling storm, telecom and Internet experts argue. How big a storm? Really affected in mobile network?

according to a partial neutral technology, experts say, micro letter does have occupied signaling problem, signaling storm is far but distance. Some equipment manufacturers have long solution, see if there is a will.

willing? Actually refers to China mobile’s really want to solve the problem.

China mobile carry “signaling” to make 4 g?

a netizen message more direct: “China mobile’s 3 g network is not to force, you admit it.”

because of the reason of TD, lack of power, China mobile’s 3 g construction aim at 4 g, even jump start commercial 4 g already, but because of the unknown, no license. Some say, China mobile’s WeChat “alarm” zhuang is 4 g licences, with universal mind WeChat comparisons.

on the attitude about 4 g, China unicom and China telecom in the 3 g network advantage, natural active than China mobile. On April 7th during the boao Asia BBS, wang jianzhou talk 4 g. “4 g technology is mature, include all the commercial conditions, the online BuKa see video at all, even like watching DVDS.”

for 4 g networks, Mr Wang said that the development of 4 g faster than expected, is mainly market driven. Because of the data communication and the development of mobile Internet, existing network have been unable to support the flow of explosive growth. Therefore, the 4 g be vividly portrayed.

to some extent, China mobile is also a “bitter children”, can’t hard, 3 g 4 g force couldn’t really early, but at this moment, be WeChat signaling.

Gavin thinks, China mobile, of course I hope as soon as possible to issue a 4 g license, but the process of 4 g would have had a road map, “liu bei and children are unlikely to change the process”, means don’t use micro letter issue.

the micro letter’s public statements, read carefully, very interesting. Because tencent also 3 g/4 g, for one thing. “With the construction of the 3 g/4 g speed, WiFi cities construction vigorously, signaling and network problem in industry will eventually be solved. We believe that the problem about 2 g network signaling, is a 3 g/4 g/WiFi transition stage problem, can through the operator and the APP services joint technology optimization to solve.”

tencent’s statement, on the one hand, refers to China mobile is the fundamental purpose of 4 g, on the other hand is also called on the government to solve the 4 g licences as early as possible.

this is an era of 3 g/4 g, an Internet company had for 2 g/2. The problem of 5 g, fighting.

absurd, or black humor?

such a statement, nature will not satisfy China mobile. For tencent about “3 g/4 g”, people don’t agree with, from telecoms even think tencent in the transfer “signaling focus”. According to the China mobile one insider said: “obviously for mobile, not solve the problem of the heartbeat, unicom, telecom 3 g for signaling storm outage.” This response, and China unicom and China telecom to grab.

signaling “heartbeat” what do you want to drop? How much impact? China mobile not only with tencent, including experts are divided. China mobile’s “signaling” question, to solve the problem of 2 G/2.5 G, or intended to 4 G?

contradiction is still in, the fog is still there.

charge rumors when to stop?

in addition to the ministry, while China mobile and tencent did not show that charge, but “to the general user fee” rumors all over the sky fly, forced tencent to use micro letter weapon to 300 million users group information to deny these rumors.

Gavin thinks, the inventors of the “micro letter charge” must be China mobile, the root cause or pass on contradiction, pry break. If tencent is to put a price on all OTT alone.

signaling fees once the new fees approved by the government, China mobile to the so-called “smart pipe” transformation also has begun. From the user’s communications, traffic fee will be shrinking, China mobile must start a new source of income of digging, intelligent pipe is mainly to the enterprise to collect fees, micro letter is a good way. Gavin thinks, the ministry said, apparently for China mobile platform.

secretary-general of China computer society Du Zide also stressed that once WeChat charge, means all the Internet value-added service may be charged, three carriers monopoly Internet infrastructure construction, but will be charged extra, it is not reasonable.

WeChat produced by the “signaling storm” is still no exact answer, but in fact, operators and OTT service provider of the game is at home and abroad, principle of network neutrality is widely recognized and is likely to become law. But in the mobile space is to be more complex. Google and Verizon network neutrality agreement in 2010, has been clear about the cable broadband provider adherence to the principle of network neutrality, shall not discriminate between different flow, shall not be an additional charge. But the deal out mobile network, setting the stage for the future of the dispute.

compared with foreign case, Chinese operators is much more intense conflict with the Internet service provider.

cacophony, the prices have more play more deformation, the fog is becoming more and more strong, all parties in the game. Behind the game, but as “micro letter to the general user fees” rumor spread more and more, could eventually make the Line and so on foreign products occupy the market opportunity.

around WeChat charge dispute is still on, but the public opinion as the weight of game if not effectively controlled, or will eventually damage the interests of Chinese enterprises.