Micro letter most startup scheme will become cannon fodder

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

crazy! Complete all crazy! Now entrepreneurs, the investment community, chattering classes focus on WeChat meticulously, mention WeChat, instantly hard, this let old t what about me? WeChat gave entrepreneurs to hope, to smell business opportunities, investors show media hot spots, being bombarded by public opinion, let the whole world is crazy. God wants to let it die, must first make it crazy, now WeChat entrepreneurship heat comparable to that group buying hot, the result will be like group purchase, most of them are have to go back, as cannon fodder.

hot without entrepreneurs in

products need to do the brand, brand to do a star needs to focus on public opinion, WeChat is the star of the mobile Internet. Belong to tencent WeChat and hand Q , can obviously feel that WeChat is the darling of the public opinion, hand Q is there, it can’t depart from the support of entrepreneurs on the letter. Flock of entrepreneurs to choose WeChat platform to realize some dreams, make WeChat not only is a mobile social networking tools, and into an omnipotent buster platform is thought to be, that the WeChat movements touched the hearts of the many public opinion is all the more to WeChat media attention, formed a who does not talk about both lagged behind.

WeChat revenue that entrepreneurs all climax

was used WeChat revenue message is always the other entrepreneurs all climax, because it let us see the WeChat is, indeed, has a market value. Several news article about WeChat revenue of representative, at the beginning of the year “with taobao orders 10% from WeChat”, the recent “ 80 earn millions: online sell barbecue years after using WeChat room play O2O ” and “the circle of friends incipient electricity potential: existing sellers on millions of” water. Many people see these news eyes are red, is why want to hate hate the money isn’t he? Most people regardless of the specific content, only the WeChat revenue when the news of “truth” word of mouth, news came a barrage of making money, attracted millions of people with heart to join the tide of WeChat entrepreneurship.

some people say that the current micro letter right entrepreneurship, sounds, now is the best time to enter the micro letter business, but in the end who can borrow micro letter platform success is bad to say, not each entrant would succeed, need a stepping stone on the road of success, most of the micro letter entrepreneurs will be failed.

WeChat buster dream be investment opportunities Mad money more than silly

WeChat entrepreneurial hot without venture capital support, venture capital has blown up a and a market bubble, now the VCS put the spotlight on WeChat, a company in the past 9 months time to monthly a propulsion WeChat venture investment project. Many entrepreneurship competition in many WeChat entrepreneurs, now at the mention of WeChat entrepreneurship, VCS will be particularly interested in his eyes, afraid to miss any potential wealth. Now the eyes of the VCS are all WeChat build rich dream, completely not Gu Wei letter business risks, WeChat as good as the Internet, the Internet is common, and WeChat is penguin, penguin a policy can obliterate a group of entrepreneurs of hope.

micro letter is tencent who killed who is in the way people will die

plays, micro letter is not free to act in an opera in others, the domain of micro letter ma family, xiao-long zhang said. Preparation to do marketing on micro letter, from the media, with micro letter 5.0 , don’t know how many marketing spend a lot of time before large efforts will instantly wiped out, since the value of the media also sell at a discount greatly. This is just a WeChat 5.0 , which day again 6.0 , 7.0 , 8.0 , a batch of entrepreneurs are likely to mow down, micro letter is tencent, the somebody else’s territory became a somebody else say, are you free with somebody else, is no reason not to obey the arrangement of the family, even if you refuse to obey, the somebody else will not care you. Accompany you like with tiger, which day xiao-long zhang I’m not happy, just changed the rules of the game, how dead of all don’t know, no reason to.

micro letter entrepreneurial Wolf more meat less sponsor have to rely on relationship between

now want to entrepreneurship in WeChat people too much, around WeChat also so a few entrepreneurial projects, even if the same project have the difference, but after entrepreneurs mutual mode, it won’t be long before startup project is all the same. Micro letter is the Wolf more meat less entrepreneurial market, want to entrepreneurship in micro letter, of the relationship is stand. WeChat entrepreneurship is also a threshold, is not who can be chosen, have relationship looking for a relationship, it doesn’t matter the client looking for a relationship, a similar venture project too much, finally sure is hard to get WeChat support, the rest of the basically all the bedclothes.

WeChat imperial art Support the inhibition of small big

some people think that WeChat has four hundred million users, stall is enough big, user needs are diverse, so WeChat business direction is multifarious also, still WeChat start-up stage, business space is enough big, the achievements of many WeChat entrepreneurs to now very satisfied, began to introduce the vc, trying to take up the big. Wake up and smell the coffee, are you on tencent’s platform, tencent, how to raise a crocodile, you be forgotten for free, tencent in the server every year large sums of money on broadband, at very low cost you want to go pick fruit in the company? The lessons of sina weibo tencent heart deeply.