Mergers and acquisitions sogou, 360 baidu pain pain

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sogou since spread the rumor of a takeover, has been in a takeover gossip, then wang kept on weibo rumours wonky, disinformation and rumours like two people in the tournament, you a sword and me a knife to, but the most widely circulated in the industry is 360 will buy sogou, to fill JiangZiJi sogou search again, thus and baidu.

according to industry insiders, 91 events to stimulate more than 360 lightning search, 360 with the marriage of sogou will restart again, 360 in a hurry urged sogou negotiations, sogou by 91 wireless stimulus is likely to push.

360 acquisition of sogou three (

(a: embarrassment. 360 acquisition of sogou will be in a embarrassing position, if not buy sogou, 360 want to search, channel alone are not enough, at the same time there are baidu, on the other hand, is only 360 search will eventually like a veteran, die away. If 360 acquisition of sogou, the cost must be huge.

(2: easy to eat. “Artillery” in red in the baidu to acquire 91 wireless ACTS as the role of the discovery ambushes, now it’s your turn, 360 acquisition of sogou, baidu and other search engines allow no matter? And, since 91 wireless can be worth $1.9 billion, that sogou affirmation is not low, the price must be higher. If in the 360 acquisition of baidu’s $1.9 billion takeover of 1.9 billion wireless event, in the forms of the challenger zhou sit not to live. Proudly announced in baidu herself in the process of the acquisition of 91 wireless as a spoiler, side lightning search online in advance. Compared with li low-key luxuriant, “artillery” in red this time both show their frustration about the matter, also from the side reflects his “guilty”.

sogou, prices are pushed up, “cannon in red” is the consequences.

(3: sogou heart isn’t in the mobile Internet. PC market share decline is indisputable fact that, almost domestic Internet companies are expanding product in the direction of the mobile Internet. Search engine is one of the biggest the entrance of the Internet, PC also let the reader search engine war view. 360 acquisition of sogou, or in the “old”, did not keep up with the pace of the mobile Internet era.

PC users to drop, mobile Internet user growth, sogou represents a PC in the past, not in the future. Sogou CEO wang xiaochuan mentioned when talking about mobile search, mobile search is a large hole, sogou, now no more energy to consider these, wireless search services such as a few years to mature, to see if there is any need to do. Tong, sogou sogou number voice assistant actually already is generalized search on the mobile phone.

apart from baidu has announced the number of mobile search breakthrough, light said sogou on mobile search strategy, obviously sogou heart wasn’t in mobile search, 360 acquisition of sogou, can only get one on behalf of the past tense of the search engine on the PC.

baidu to buy 91 wireless is clearly about the future of layout, the layout of the mobile Internet. The value of the acquisition of sogou baidu is not big, can also, continue to take PC market share of search engines; Don’t accept impact is not big, more flexible. 360 if the acquisition of sogou sogou also among investment, even under the condition of Internet users increase, sogou’s market share is declining.

search war, has always been popular, as baidu “eldest brother”, 360, be like the 360 brush presence, the world’s giant Google, search engine of the world have been around them. “Marriage” in 360 and sogou, impact on baidu geometry? Baidu will hurry?

the author thinks that, even if the 360 merger sogou, but no impact on baidu is too great, baidu is not urgent.

baidu’s earnings, according to data from baidu in the second quarter operating profit of about 2.904 billion yuan, in the second quarter net profit attributable to baidu is about 2.644 billion yuan. Baidu chairman and chief executive robin li said: “baidu mobile platform maintained a good momentum of development, the continued growth of mobile cashability in this quarter, mobile business revenue in the company’s total revenue accounted for more than 10% for the first time.

I think the main reason for the baidu is not urgent, is baidu in the outstanding performance of the mobile Internet, the results show that the second quarter on the mobile end of baidu to get more than 10% of revenue. The trend of mobile Internet, more and more enterprises are in “loss-leader”, on the mobile end users do not represent its on the mobile end of huge revenue, moving the liquid is almost all the ills of the mobile Internet products.

sogou “give up” mobile search, 360 mobile search is not on, say in mobile search is the true baidu dominance, a more powerful than the PC. Baidu cashability on mobile products, much better than other products.

baidu, after acquisition of 91 wireless chips on the mobile end will be bigger, but 360 can only rely on mobile guards a product to compete with other mobile Internet products, even have their own distribution channels, but male drop seems to be “” double punch. Wall Street reports the baidu quietly to qihoo unfurled ace: speak in earnings figures “, with earnings for baidu and the results of the 360 war.

according to industry insiders, the baidu results of stimulation, 360, chairman zhou yesterday and emergency and zhang sogou mergers and acquisitions in 360, it seems the 360 is a really nasty.

in an interview with the daily economic news “reporter in an interview,” sogou pieces do you want to discard the problem, I can’t talk right now.” Sogou sohu in PC and mobile, he said, the important entrances, although in the market by competitors, or to continue to develop forward.

the overall situation of the mobile Internet, slow means “beat”, baidu because the response to the overall situation of the mobile Internet late, paid a 1.9 billion lessons. 360 itself on the mobile end advantage is not obvious, you want to get “good grades” on the mobile end, PC need to stand up, sogou churning up the industry a “chicken fly a dog to jump”, but “suffering” is 360.

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