MEMI – specifically for women, the most elegant smart bracelet

many functions in the face of flowery, modelling geek intelligent hand ring, don’t know whether you also like xiao yun bored? ! Recently, a brand “for women by women” smart bracelet – MEMI, with simple functions and exquisite appearance walked into our sight.

MEMI by two two female development from Atlanta, USA. According to their original intention, this intelligent bracelet for women should be simple and beautiful.

simple refers to the function of the device is not complicated. Unlike the popular trend of the current market, the MEMI designer do not importune the device can be a “master key” type of equipment. MEMI’s main function is only one: informing the user of important calls, text messages and date. In official terms “MEMI will be in a meeting, just quietly to alert users to vibration way.” On a mobile phone users only need to download a related applications, via bluetooth connection, you can achieve the above functions.

delicate appearance is a prominent feature of all the smart bracelets. Specially for women as a product, appearance is beautiful or not is a crucial problem. Many popular sports style or geek style of wearable devices, and not to let women wanting to accept by nature. The MEMI appearance connect body of polished metal, women wear for himself after added an elegant jewelry. In order to beautiful, MEMI also cleverly hid for charging and data transmission interface of UCB in hand ring joints. In addition, the device also comes with a LED display light, in order to inform the user whether it is in normal work.

it is understood that the device is receiving the raise, is expected to be listed on the next August, at a price of $150.