Meizu jack shell millet: like feng without limit

the meizu boss jack yesterday on the official BBS meizu public shell millet, millet said in order to succeed by hook or by crook, no limit.

“it lower limit is more concerned, may be the bottom line is more likely to stand out, success often require by hook or by crook.
But this is not my pursuit, like heavy taste classmates please see clear this is meizu BBS, please don’t like flies in the buzzing, elder brother want to shoot dead you “

apparently, jack has learned early millet had trumpeted the mysterious red rice sounds like the product. Today, sure enough, millet issued so-called mysterious products, red rice. for 799 yuan. 28 nm quad core 1.5 GHz, 4.7 -inch IPS retina screen, 8 million pixels back according to the type of camera.

red rice release means lei jun reneged, last year, lei jun also declared that millet don’t low-end machine.

the feud between jack and lei jun already a long time, millet mobile phone compete directly with the meizu, both sides will inevitably produce friction. Chapter and meizu old rhubarb insisted that lei jun to obtain the meizu’s commercial secrets.